Thursday, September 06, 2018

Greece Pay Compensation of €97 000 to Egypt

This Wednesday (22.08.2018) Minister of Labor Mohamed Saafan announced about compensation that Egypt worker received from Greece. This worker broke both legs when fell of the building in the capital of Greece. This incident has caused a permanent disability. The bureau supported the citizen in the lawsuit he filed until he received the sum upheld by the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court in Greece.

Similar insurance payments still have to be received by 110 Egyptians, and the total amount of these payments is approximately €2 million. The total number of Egyptians covered by social insurance in Greece is 134,183. The breakdown is 24,511 fishermen, 106,979 farmers and 2,693 independent workers, according to the Ministry of Labor.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

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Walmart is a place where one can buy different items and goods; however, this store is also known due to its catering services. We also should mention that the prices for their food is very low, and that’s why some may have doubts regarding the quality.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jewish settlers burned grain land belonging to Palestinian Muslims near Al-Khalil

A number of extremist Jewish settlers on Monday morning (4/4/2012) set fire to wheat-grown agricultural land, east of Yatta city, near the south of Al-Khalil (Hebron), the West Bank.

The Coordinator of the Popular Committee to fight settlements and boundary walls in Yatta, Ratib Al-Jabour, reported that the burning of the wheat land was located in Syu'ab Al-Batem, and that the property of local residents Khalid Musa An-Najjar, as reported byMa'an.

Al-Jabour called on Human Rights groups to intervene and act in stopping the increase in such attacks carried out by Jewish extremists in the occupied Palestinian territories, including east of Al-Quds.

In many and ever-increasing attacks, Jewish settlers burned and damaged Palestinian agricultural lands, such as cutting and pulling olive trees, poisoning plants, and flooding agricultural land with water.

This often terrorizes Palestinian Muslims, especially farmers, so that they get huge losses due to these deliberate attacks.

Jewish settlers were usually escorted by Zionist forces in carrying out attacks on Palestinian Muslim lands and homes.

Al-Jabour himself, was one of the victims of violence by Jewish settlers. In 2002 was shot by armed Jewish settlers and suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalized for three months.

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During May 2012, the Jewish zionist invasion banned 52 times in the West Bank mosque

During May 2012 alone, the Jewish zionist invaders had banned the adzan at masjid Ibrahimi kota Al-Khalil, Tepi Barat sebanyak 52 kali.

Director of waqf affairs of the West Bank occupied by Jewish Zionists, Zaid Al-Ja'bari, in a statement to reporters on Sunday (06/06/2012) stated that throughout May 2012, the Zionist Jewish invaders had banned the call to prayer at the Ibrahimi mosque in the city Al-Khalil, the southern part of the West Bank.

As quoted by the Jordanian news agency, Jewish Zionist invaders argued that the call to prayer was disturbing the Jewish colonizers in the area around the Ibrahimi mosque. The pilgrims of the Ibrahimi mosque have always experienced physical disruption and attack by Jewish Zionist soldiers and Jewish groups.

Dissatisfied with colonizing the Palestinian state of Palestine, seizing settlement land and agricultural land of Muslims, the Jewish Zionist occupation still hinders Palestinian Muslims to perform worship of God in the houses of God.

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An ancient Gospel analyst 1,500 years old: Jesus was never crucified

Based on reports from analysts' controversial Gospel '- the ancient 1500-year-old Al-Kitab with the gold found in Turkey - states that Jesus (Prophet Isa' alaihi salam) was mortal, was never crucified, it was considered challenging the core principles of Christianity .

Some analysts claim that it is Injil Barnabas, yang diyakini sebagai tambahan pada Injil Markus, Mattius, Lukas dan John, yang telah membuat perhatian besar masyarakat dunia pada awal tahun ini karena menyatakan bahwa Yesus telah menubuatkan kedatangan Nabi Muhammadshalallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

In February 2012, the Vatican formally requested permission to see the Aramaic Book, the text of which was inked in gold written on animal skin and covered in animal skin, which was discovered by Turkey during the anti-smuggling police operation in 2000.

This week, the translation of the Gospel quoted from media documentation - originally written in Syiriac, in the Aramaic dialect reportedly states that Jesus said: "I confess in the presence of Heaven, and summoned to witness everything that is on earth, that I am a stranger to all, that man has said of me, that I am more than a human being."

"Because I am a human, born of a woman, subject to the judgment of God, who lives here like any other human being, subject to ordinary sufferings,"dikutip the Y-Jesus, majalahonlineyang berbasis di AS.

The verse in the Gospels denies that Jesus has God and the concept of the Trinity, where the Christian doctrine defines that God is three Gods: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

In addition, the Gospel also states "the existence of Judas Iscariot as a person who died on the cross not Jesus, while in the New Testament, Judas betrayed Jesus," reportedAnd Jesus.

These statements disprove Christian teachings, which had been built with the doctrine of Jesus' death as the redeemer of human sin and its resurrection as the hope of everlasting life.

The statement supports the teachings of Islam, that Jesus (Isa Al-Masih) was a man who became a Prophet and Messenger of Allah, not God, then raised to heaven by God, not dead on the cross.

As Allah says in the Qur'an: "Verily, those who say:"Verily, Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary." But the Messiah said: "Children of Israel, worship Allah and my Lord and your Lord." Verily, he who associates with Allah, He will certainly make him the Garden of Paradise, and his abode is the Fire. There will be no helper for the helpers. "(5: 75)

"And because of their saying:" We have killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah ", but they did not kill him nor crucify him, but they whom the Lord had with them. those who disputed about Jesus' murder, really in doubt about the murder. They had no belief about who was killed, unless they followed a secret, they were not convinced that what they killed was Isa. But (actually), God raised Jesus to Him. And Allah is Mighty, Wise. "(4: 157-158)

The Y-Jesusmengatakan "Sejalan dengan keyakinan Islam, Injil itu memperlakukan Yesus sebaga manusia dan bukan Tuhan. Menolak pemikiran Tritunggal Kudus dan Penyaliban, dan mengungkapkan bahwa Yesus memprediksi kedatangan Nabi Muhammad."

In one of the verses of the Gospel, Jesus said to a priest:"How is Messiah called? Muhamamad is a blessed name".

"In another verse, Jesus denied being Al-Masih, claiming that he would become the Ismaili, a term used for Arabs," added the report.And Jesus.

The ancient Gospel of Aramaic caused a lot of controversy about the authenticity of the entire contents of the Gospel. No one has yet been able to ascertain the overall authenticity of the contents of the Gospels, whether they all contain what the Prophet Isa taught'alaihi salam, atau telah ada perubahan padanya. Namun beberapa pernyataan dari Injil itu yang diungkapkan, telah membantah prinsip-prinsip dasar Kristiani.

While the Protestant priest İhsan Özbek denied that the Gospel was written by St. Barnabas. "Copies in Ankara may have been written by one of the followers of St. Barnabas," he told the Turkish Today Zaman newspaper earlier in 2012.Wallahu a'lam bish shawab.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

US Democracy Help Flows to Preferred Groups in Egypt

Two months before Egyptian police attacked the offices of American-backed democratic organizations last year, seven Egyptian employees resigned from a group of American organizations to protest what was called undemocratic practice.
They complained that the US organization group, described as non-partisan, had issued an Islamic political organization (Ikhwanul Muslimin) from its program, collecting sensitive information about religion about Egyptians when conducting polls to be sent to Washington, and ordering employees to delete all computer files and submit all records to be sent abroad months before the raid.
The employees said their resignation was due to their suspicion of unprofessional practices from the organization.
One of those who resigned, Dawlat Soulam, said that it was not democracy that should have been given to him when he worked for the International Republican Institute.
Soulam and others said that they were disturbed by work carried out by Sam LaHood, son of the United States Minister of Transportation, Ray LaHood.
He suspected that there was something disguised from the Egyptian people and suspected of a political agenda but did not want to show American alignment.
It was denied by IRI officials and ignored the dissatisfaction of the former employees. Nevertheless the workers' small uprising was important because it reflected the feeling that the US-supported democracy program in Egypt was not to help the Egyptian people but to serve American interests.
Interviews and documents obtained by The Associated Press indicate that workers' protests and the government's crackdown with raids helped reveal what US officials would not openly acknowledge: the US government spent tens of millions of dollars to finance and train liberal groups in Egypt, which was the backbone of the Egyptian rebellion. This was done to build opposition to Islamic parties and pro-military parties, in the name of democracy while US diplomats tried to convince Egyptian leaders that Washington was impartial.
Since the raid, US officials have been trying to improve their relationship with Egypt, but that can not be done overnight.
Documents and interviews with US and Egyptian officials show:
- US diplomats have known since March 2008 that Egyptian leaders will close the democracy program and arrest workers, and last year some of them even discussed the possibility of a strong Egyptian response to spend $ 65 million on democratic training costs after the Arab Spring.
- The democracy training program has strong links with US political parties by receiving the largest share of the money, which is $ 31.8 million. The IRI refused to work with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP Party. IRI's Democratic counterpart, the National Democratic Institute, offers training and supports the Ikhwan members.
- Nearly six years before the Egyptian government filed a lawsuit against US democracy workers, its leaders severely curtailed the American democratic program after controversy over public comments by the IRI director.
The use of US money to support several groups seems to contradict the US Agency for International Development policy which requires "good efforts to help all democratic parties, with fair assistance." A senior USAID official said he was not aware that the IRI had excluded members of the Muslim Brotherhood from its programs. But he denied the agency was siding when distributing money to groups in Egypt or internationally.
Although the US is committed to announcing the details of the democratic program in Egypt, USAID refuses to identify all groups that receive money and amounts. The official said that the agency disclosed the list to Egyptian leaders, but would not release information publicly about the recipient of the grant, which surprised some US State Department officials.
The Egyptian government closes funding for US democracy. Islamic political groups feared by the United States will gain more control in Egypt and become more popular, and occupy the most seats in parliament and compete for the presidency. There are scheduled hearings in the courts of 43 democracy workers, including 16 Americans, who are illegally accused of operating political training programs, campaigns and elections financed with funds from the US and other foreign funds. Most Americans no longer exist in Egypt and are not expected to appear in court.
This court is expected to reveal what is a personal and long-standing argument between American officials and Egyptian officials over the role of the US in government in Egypt. Some political leaders argue that the US interfered in Egyptian affairs by directly funding training programs and political campaigns.
From the US experience in Egypt it is clear that the dependence of American officials on financing to promote democracy in countries that fear US interference can endanger American interests and for greater freedom. In addition to Egypt, American financing for democratic groups has also been banned in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.
Some argue that the US goal of promoting democracy in Egypt will backfire after the Arab Spring, so that undermining American interests in the country is considered important for Middle East stability, because Western leaders do not fully understand what is happening.
Former US Ambassador to Egypt, Frank Wisner, said that all sensitive feelings surfaced when the revolution in Egypt began. And according to him the friends of the US and the US government do not understand the extent of the risk and are not ready to overcome it
Former US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone wrote in a secret memo to the Department of Foreign Affairs in March 2008 that Egypt's Minister of International Cooperation, Fayza Aboulnaga, continued to complain about money from the US for unregistered democratic groups that train political activists. Ricciardone was concerned that the groups, which he called partners, could become targets of ministers opposed to US financing unless the money went into his office.
He wants US partners to be aware of the legal or political consequences of receiving from US funds and not believe that Aboulnaga will encourage security forces to arrest US partners or close their organizations without warning.
IRI was never informed of Ricciardone's concerns.
In 2006, Egyptian officials ordered a reduction in the US-backed democracy program after a newspaper quoted the IRI director as saying. The article quoted some Egyptian leaders as insulting when Americans "came and taught the Egyptians how to think,".
After the Arab Spring and the overthrow of Mubarak, the US piles up millions of dollars to promote democracy in Egypt, hoping to expand its efforts by giving grants directly to large and small groups despite the concerns of Egyptian leaders over the practice.
The United States quickly agreed to the development of a $ 65 million democracy, most of which was for Egyptian aid detained, because there were no promised improvements. Money goes directly to IRI, NDI and other democratic groups, including Egyptian organizations are considered more liberal and more inclined to challenge the interests of Islam.
An official said that the Obama administration supports decisions that support pro-democracy organizations because groups backed by the military that do not need US assistance, the Muslim Brotherhood, already have political popularity with strong national networks, no need for US support, and regime remnants. Mubarak does not need US training to organize or manage political campaigns.
US officials say that the US wants liberal groups, women's groups, to form a coalition government, but that will never happen.
Their IRI leaders excluded groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood for the same reason.
Scott Mastic, from the Middle East IRI, said they focused efforts on weak small parties in the early stages.
Mastic oversaw the work carried out by Sam LaHood, director of IRI in Egypt who was among the democracy workers accused of operating illegally and receiving foreign aid. The Egyptian government initially banned LaHood and other Americans from leaving the country, causing an international crisis which resulted in a US threat of holding $ 1.5 billion in economic and military aid. But the controversy was over after Egypt allowed Americans to go home and the US handed over some of the aid money.
Mastic claimed that claims by Soulam and other workers who resigned practiced partiality by excluding Muslim Ikhwaul. IRI works with several Islamic groups.
Hany Nasr, an Egyptian lawyer in Cairo, said he resigned from IRI, because he considered it unfair to help certain groups other than Islamic organizations.
Although he strongly disagrees with the Islamic group's point of view in politics, "you have to say that I have to be non-partisan. So I really have to be non-partisan,"
Mastic believes employees who resigned represent only a small number of 52 Egyptians working for the organization. He denied allegations that the group was collecting sensitive information about Egyptian religion as part of a political poll to be sent to Washington. Some information was collected to identify the characteristics of Egyptians surveyed such as gender and age. Mastic said the information was not given to anyone outside IRI.
Interviewers held IRI face-to-face polls last year by noting whether Egyptians were talking to Muslims or Christians by observing things like American-style clothing, men having beards, women wearing more conservative Abbas or hijabs.
Sherif Mansour refused if it was said that complaints against IRI were the extent of the problem of developing democracy in Egypt. He considered it a dirty campaign against civil society.
Many groups expect to get funding of US $ 65 million. However, Egyptian officials refused to approve licenses for IRI, NDI and other groups.
Authorities began conducting summer investigations and collected evidence showing the groups were operating illegally without permission. He said that many of his colleagues in Egypt must understand this was the Egyptian revolution and that the Egyptian people would determine the outcome, said Aboulnaga.
Mastic said he believed Aboulnaga was attacking IRI and other democratic groups that received American money because the US was traveling in its ministry to distribute aid directly to those organizations.
US officials do not know whether Aboulnaga will survive the insurgency and the military government said US State Department official.
The official said that nothing was fully debating the ministry's persistence in ministry. It never occurred to anyone that the ministry would be the strongest political agent in Egypt during the following year, he said.
The United States should be able to avoid many problems in Egypt after the rebellion if its officials pay more attention to how bad the push is to expand the development of democracy in Egypt, he said.
Wisner likens entering a kitchen full of Egyptian chefs while they don't want any outside chefs.
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LDII Third Golden Child Deradicalization Project

By Hanif Kristianto (Lajnah Siyasiyah HTI East Java)

Deradicalization is an interesting issue that is never understood by the people. Especially by Indonesian people. The term religious deradicalization after the bombings and acts of terrorism. Whereas acts of terrorism, violence and bombings have existed long ago. As an example of war, disputes, occupation of a country is an act of terror to a nation. The activity in the form of terror acts was associated with radicalism. Therefore, so that someone does not repeat radical actions. Then there is a de-radicalization effort, which is an effort to eliminate radicals — thoughts, actions — from someone. The focus is not only on someone, but also on the group.
Indonesia, which is part of the world Muslim entity, has become a land of deradicalization. This is in accordance with the direction of the RAND Corporation, ICG, and other foreign pressures (US, Australia, etc.) such as Australian pressure on the granting of clemency to Gorby for drug cases. Naturally they made Indonesia a deradicalization project. Given that many of the perpetrators they consider "terrorists and radicals" come from Muslims. What a reason that is tendentious. Whereas terror acts can be done by anyone without a background of religion.
Anyone can say that America dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with radicals and terrorists. Israeli occupation in Palestine is also radical and terrorist. If all agree with the radical term associated with acts of terror. 

Invalid BNPT     
Deradicalization in Indonesia is carried out by BNPT (National Counter Terrorism Agency). BNPT is not alone in its action. BNPT cooperates with several Islamic organizations (MUI, NU, LDII, etc.), NGOs (The Wahid Institute, etc.) and schools / campuses (UI, etc.). The activity was carried out as legitimacy if Muslims in Indonesia agreed to deradicalization. In essence, mass organizations or schools invited to cooperate have a commitment to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia and accept Pancasila as asaz in religious life.
BNPT first collaborates with MUI Pusat on this agenda. BNPT knows if the MUI is a representation of the ulama ', kyai, the role model of the Indonesian people. The MUI is also the official state institution. Then the fatwa or decision issued by the MUI is usually trusted by the people. If the MUI de-radicalizes it is clear that the people will be led to a new understanding so that the people are not poisoned by the idea of ​​transnationalism, which sometimes is not clear what the idea is. Sometimes MUI's attitude is weird. Some clerics who represent MUI do not agree with deradicalization. There are also scholars who make deradicalization as a project. What needs to be remembered is that the BNPT receives large funds from the state budget and foreign aid. So whoever will be invited to cooperate must be tempted by the funds or false fame promised by the BNPT.
NU has signed an MoU on August 11, 2011. NU was so eager to welcome this collaboration. Technically, NU was asked to help eradicate terrorism through persuasive steps in the form of deradicalization. Like some of the management's statements. "Deradicalization is indeed the duty of mass organizations, but if the eradication of terrorism is the duty of the apparatus. NU strongly supports this collaboration, whose practice will provide understanding to the people to avoid radical attitudes," said Kang Said at PBNU Office, Jalan Kramat Raya No.164, Central Jakarta. Monday, August 15, 2011 [1]. NU Muslimat Management also signed the MoU on February 16, 2012. PP Muslimat NU Chairperson, Khofifah Indar Parawansa said, all institutions and organizations invited to collaborate with BNPT hoped the deradicalization program would run smoothly and bring peace to the lives of Indonesian people [2].
Meanwhile, the Central Leader of the Nahdlatul Ulama Student Association (PP IPNU), which since the beginning has committed to fight religious radicalism, worries about a new generation of terrorism born from among students. "For a long time we have encouraged the national education ministry to be aware of the threat of student radicalism, especially the clergy "school (rohis). Because our results of research and analysis state that a new generation of terrorism is born from school education institutions," he said. [2]
Although the BNPT has not been able to invite other organizations, the BNPT can smile. Because the "big fish" of Indonesian Islamic organizations had been provoked and caught in a "deradicalization" net. BNPT does not stop because deradicalization is a project. As long as money from the state budget and foreign donors continues to flow. During that time the BNPT worked. So what is targeted and expected to enter again is LDII (Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute). This paper will explore the objectives and LDII in mainstreaming 'deradicalization'.

LDII Political Gait  
The community has always known LDII mediocre. Not so much news that informs political activities in Indonesia. The appearance of LDII initially was controversial. The ideals adopted by LDII are not different from the flow of Islam Jama'ah / Darul Hadith which was banned by the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia in 1971 (RI Attorney General Decree No. Kep-089 / D.A / 10/1971 dated October 29, 1971). LDII's existence has historical roots with the Darul Hadith / Islam Jama'ah which was founded in 1951 by Nurhasan Al Ubaidah Lubis (Madigol). After the flow was banned in 1971, it was renamed the Islamic Employees Institute (LEMKARI) in 1972 (January 13, 1972).
But with the Law No. 8 of 1985, LEMKARI as an abbreviation of the Islamic Employees Institution according to the MUBES II in 1981 renamed the Institute of Employee Islamic Propagation which was abbreviated as LEMKARI (1981). The followers of this sect in the 1971 election supported GOLKAR, then LEMKARI was affiliated to GOLKAR and then renamed according to the 1990 LEMKARI congress / congressional decision under the name Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute (LDII).
LDII currently shows a new face. This is done so that the people are willing to accept grace. LDII is like NU, Muhammadiyah, or other Islamic organizations. Since LDII was founded, this organization sought protection from the government. Elections for elections followed by LDII by placing them as candidates for certain political parties. Call it: Golkar, PDI-P, and Democrats. The formal path is considered LDII as a safe path to secure LDII's interests and sustainability. Sometimes LDII gets disappointment when affiliated with political parties. Many LDII candidates are not elected. Understandably, political parties only want to support the election time. After that, it's left. If observed, LDII is looking for safety in the shade of government in this country.

LDII steps in deradicalization
It was released from various controversies among people related to LDII. There are interesting things, namely the purpose of LDII to accept the offer of deradicalization by BNPT. LDII deradicalization discourse was played at the LDII National Working Meeting in Indonesia at IPB Bogor, 11-12 April 2012. Ansyad Mbai explained several things about 'venturing' the de-radicalization of BNPT. He discusses if those who deserve to do this (deradicalization) are scholars and moderate Islamic organizations. He also told a story when his childhood felt a radical ideology in his place of birth. He acknowledged that terrorism has no clear definition. A radical explanation was made by Ansyaad Mbai that a democratic country is a slander and its legal shirk. Pancasila is shirk. Democracy, nationalism and secular conflict with the aqeedah. Accepting democracy means denying the Qur'an. Anyone, an Islamic person who justifies democracy, even though kiyai, ustadz, mubaligh stay away do not have mercy with him. If you die, don't want to pat. This is a small example of that extreme ideology. Is that true or not? How to fortify this ideology. The essence of Islam, but everything is political, is willing to rule. Besides that, he delivered a pyramid of radicalism to terror.
If observed the statement and confide in Ansyaad Mbai is very thick with sheepfighting. This is a character assassination for anyone who fits the criteria of radicalism ideology according to BNPT. Moreover, attendees of the LDII National Meeting took for granted, without confirmation of the truth regarding radicalism ideology. Of course, this is like the beginning of the appearance of LDII. There are those who consider LDII to be heretical, to idolize other than LDII people, even to the extreme of mopping up the mosque which is occupied by prayers other than LDII. The anesthesia of BNPT to LDII is like making LDII follow its direction in the war on terrorism. Nothing but a war against fellow Muslim brothers. This is really a form of defection and fooling to Muslims. Muslims and existing mass organizations are forced to follow moderate Islam desired by the invaders. This is very dangerous in harmony and ukhuwah people.
LDD and BNPT deradicalization continued at the provincial level. As many as 100 LDII missionaries (preachers) throughout East Java attended the Deradicalisation Da'wah Training in the IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya auditorium on 19-20 May 2012, the LDII East Java DPW cooperation with the Sharia Faculty Siyasah Jinayah Department, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. The concept of deradicalization has become a part of the "MoU" signed by the LDII DPP with the PBNU on the LDII National Working Meeting. The hope of the collaboration is to form similarities in carrying out da'wah, especially in upholding the Republic of Indonesia. [4]
The resource person who delivered the briefing included Prof. Dr. KH Abd. A'la MA. (Chancellor of IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya), Prof. Dr. KH Faishal Haq MAg (Dean of the Faculty of Sharia IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya), and Drs H Sudjak MAg (Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of East Java Province). In addition, Prof. Dr. H Syafiq A. Mughni MA (Chairperson of Muhammadiyah Central Leadership), Prof. Dr. KH Ali Aziz MAg (Counselor of East Java BAZ Agency), Drs KH Ilhamullah Sumarkan MAg (Chairperson of East Java LDNU PW), Drs KH Abdusshomad Bukhori ( Chairperson of the East Java MUI), and so on.

Muslims especially the leaders of mass organizations must be aware of the BNPT agenda. Islamic organizations should not be 'talkative' and follow suit. Especially just looking for sensations and safe. The LDII was targeted by the BNPT not for reasons. LDII's consistency and struggle in the future is expected and made a golden child in a deradicalization project. It is in accordance with LDII's aim to "Improve the quality of civilization, life, dignity and life of society, nation and state and participate in the development of the whole Indonesian humanity, which is based on faith and devotion to God Almighty in order to realize a democratic civil society and social justice based on Pancasila, which is blessed by Allah Subhanahu Wa ta'ala. "
The method used by the BNPT is exactly the same as foreign ways to destroy the Muslim community by contending with thought. If the beginning is only limited to discourse and attacking each other with their respective arguments. In the end there will be an inevitable physical war (initially hating each other, defaming, disbelieving, then fighting and physical fighting between groups, etc.). So it is clear, if LDII participates in the deradicalization propagation flow that happens is deceit. LDII or other Islamic organizations will be left behind even if the deradicalization protects have been successful. LDII will be a foreign tool on behalf of Islamic organizations to destroy other Muslims. Of course LDII's spirit in deradicalization propaganda contradicts his motto. LDII motto - there are three [3] mottos, namely:
1.     "And let some of you who invite to virtue and enjoin what is good and prevent that which is wrong, they are the lucky ones" [Q.S. Ali Imron, verse: 104]
2.     "Say this is my way, and those who follow me invoke Allah with clear proofs: Glory be to Allah and I am not of the idolaters" [Q.S. Yusuf, verse: 108];
3.     "Call upon the way of thy Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and defend them with the better" [Q.S. An-Nahl, verse 125].
Therefore, whatever the organization should fight for Islam, it should not propagate deradicalization or understand other than Islam. It is precisely when Islamic organizations do not fight for the establishment of Sharia and the application in the frame of the Khilafah is actually a loss. Losses in the world due to neglect of the application of Islamic Sharia. Losses in the afterlife because they do not fight for Islam. Even more tragic if the existing Islamic organizations are only looking for face, looking for funds, and closing themselves in order to be safe from the wronged government. Then immediately fight for Islamic Sharia alone. Not others. Are they unconscious? Wallahu 'Alam bus sowab.

·         Kang Said: Regional Leader to NU Branch Required to Fight Terrorism,, access May 23, 2012
·         BNPT-Muslimat NU Collaboration Press Radicalism,, access May 23, 2012
·         IPNU Forms Student Deradicalization Task Force,, access May 23, 2012
·         100 LDII Mubalighs in East Java Join Deradicalization Exercise,, access May 23, 2012

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The philosophy of Queen Syeitan

The essence of Islamic teachings is Tauhid
No Machine Except Allah . This sentence is based on two pillars: sentence an-nafyu(penafian) dan kalimatal-itsbat(peneguhan). Ibnul Qayyim berkata:"The total denial is not a monotheism, nor a mere affirmation without a denial, so it is not a monotheism unless it contains denial and affirmation at once; that is the essence of the monotheism."

The denunciation herein is to deny or deny any kind of god or god, whereas the affirmation is to confirm or confirm that only God is the only true god. All the gods other than God are denied the cause other than God is only a false god. Allah Glory be to Him And come said:

A god Otherwise God Fort Hathua Burhanak إن كنتم Honest
"Is there a god beside Allah? Say: Exhort the proof of your truth if ye are truthful." (QS An_naml 64)

Whoever fulfills the affirmation (hisbat) alone without fulfilling the denial side (nafyu), then he is not a believer. Likewise, who does not justify the denial side and ignores the side of affirmation, then he is not a believer. No one is called a true believer unless he meets the two pillars simultaneously; namely fulfilling its rukun nabat and nafyu (simultaneously) both in terms ofi'tiqad(keyakinan), perkataan dan perbuatan, yang zhahir maupun yang batin.

No Machine(no god) represents the side of the believer's denial of all forms of false gods present in the world. A person's strength in interpreting this side causes him to have freedomdari dominasi siapapun dan apapun dalam hidupnya di dunia yang fana ini. 
Whereas sentence Except Allah(except Allah) represents the confirmation side of a believer that the only true god in this world that he adores, praises, loves, obeys, and fears is only Allah Glory be to Him And come . A believer struggles to build attachmentdirinya kepada ilah Yang Satu itu, yakni Allah Glory be to Him And come .

So, the ideology of a believer is an ideology that simultaneously brings freedom with attachments. Her freedom from all the gods that offer various values ​​derived from other than Allah, especially from the enemy of Allah, the devil. And his attachment to God
Glory be to Him And come and all values ​​derived from the One God. The attachment that causes him to be automatically also bound to the Prophet Muhammad pray Allah on him And Ladder and Dienullah Al-Islam. Not other than that ...! So the Prophet Muhammad pray Allah on him And Ladder said:

I Carpet Consent ballh Riba Wisdom Dina vbmhmd Messenger Vajpayee From the Paradise

"Whoever says: RADHIITU BILLAAHI RABBAN WA BIL-ISLAAMI DIINAN WA BIMUHAMMADIN RASUULAN (I am pleased with Allah as my Rabb, Islam as my dien and Muhammad as an apostle), it is obligatory for him to enter Heaven." (HR Abu Dawud) Sahih

Such is the ideology of a believer, or rather the faith and aqidah of a believer. Everything he views and runs based on his understanding and belief in the sentence of Tawhid. A believer thus becomes a human who understands the nature of responsible freedom. Not absolute freedom without limits. Because essentially no human being truly lives with absolute freedom without limits. Surely every human being has an attachment to something, whether he admits it or not.

As for the devils (read: hizbusy-syaithan) fight to enforcefreedom (kebebasan) yang terlepas samasekali dari keterikatan apapun. Setidaknya, demikianlah yang mereka serukan. Sehingga jika kita coba analisa falsafah mereka berdasarkan perspektif kalimat Tauhid, maka berarti mereka hanya mau menerima bagian pertama saja dari kalimat Tauhid, yakni 
No Machine(no god). And this is really the attitude of the devil supporters. They do not want to acknowledge the existence of any god and anyone who dominates over him, including the true god, namely God Glory be to Him And come ...! They are infidels or degradation against God and all the values ​​that are derived from Him. Indeed, Satanic followers are in fact following in the footsteps of their great leader, the devil. Allah Glory be to Him And come Speaking of the Devil as follows:

وإذ Knees The company They worshiped Wait Corrupt Except إبليس My Father Wasters Give up I الكافرين

"And when We said to the angels:" Prostrate yourselves before Adam! "They prostrated themselves except Iblis, he was reluctant and obsessed, and he was among the disbelievers. (QS Al-Baqarah 34)

Those who disbelieve the devil's followers are the only ones who want freedom without any binding, especially attachment to God
Glory be to Him And تعالى ..! They are arrogant people who rebel against the Almighty because they do not want to bother to be bound, committed and show loyalty to the true god, Allah سبحانه و تعالى.
But in reality, they actually remain attached to something, even though they don't want to admit it. They insist that they live in total freedom, without any attachment. But actually they are still bound to something. What is something? That is what Allah calls the term lust. Mereka mengikuti hawa nafsu. Mereka terikat dengan hawa nafsu. Bahkan mereka menjadikan
lust as their god ..!

وضله الله على علم زمانم على سمعه وقلبه
وجعل على بصره غشاوة فمن يهديه من بعد الله أفلا تذكرون

"Have you ever seen a man who made his desires as his god, and Allah let him go astray by his knowledge and Allah has closed his hearing and his heart and laid down his sight?" Who will guide him after Allah (let him go astray)? So why do not you take a lesson? " (QS Al-Jatsiyah 23)

So, the philosophy of the devil will ultimately lead man to self-submission to other than God, in this case to his own desires. He made his desires as his god. He refused to make Allah سبحانه و تعالى as a god, but he took other gods besides Allah that he followed, obey and love. That is, he not only disbelieves in Allah سبحانه و تعالى but he also becomes a polytheist .....! Be quick when the condition causes Godlet him go astray based on his knowledge and God locks his hearing and his heart off and puts a cover over his sight ...! Wa na'udzubillahi min dzaalika.

And all the information above explains to us why when the Queen of Satan's icon planned to come to this country there were some people (read: the devil followers) who were so eager to welcome him and even feel angry, disturbed and very disappointed to face some people (read: believers inshaAllah) who rejects the presence of the Queen of Satan. We can surmise that the Queen of Satan's fans have already chewed on the Satanic philosophy which is disseminated so that it is difficult for them to be able to receive input especially the instructions conveyed by the faithful. God expressly said:"Then who will guide him after Allah, then why dost thou not take heed?" 

If "freedom without attachment" has become the philosophy and even the ideology of a group of people, then finally they will set their passions as their god. On the pretextfreedom of speech(kebebasan berpendapat) danfreedom of expression(kebebasan mengungkapkan perasaan hati alias memenuhi hawa nafsu) mereka tidak merasa bersalah sama sekali untuk mempersekutukan Allah dengan hawa nafsunya. Bahkan hawa nafsunya lebih dia agungkan daripada Allah سبحانه و تعالى ...! Coba simak ayat-ayat setan yang dilantunkan oleh Ratu Setan tersebut. Salah satu lagu paling populernya adalah yang berjudulBorn This Way(Terlahir Seperti Ini). Coba perhatikan nuansa falsafah setan yang  dipromosikannya. Di sini kita kutip sebagian saja dari lirik lagu tersebut:

Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause baby, you were born this way
No matter gay, straight or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive

Rejoice and love yourself today
Because you were born like this, baby
No matter gay, straight or bisex
Lesbians or transgender life
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born to survive

Through the song lyrics above, it is clear that this agent of the Dajjal System is indeed a true demonic disseminator. He led his fans to accuse God of causing him to be like that. Whether being gay, bisex, lesbi or transgender. That's not a problem, because it's born like that. He even believed that his sexual deviation was a "gift" from God.Na'udzubillahi min dzaalika ...! Coba simak bagian lain dari lirik lagu yang sama itu:

I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way
I am beautiful in my way
Because God doesn't make mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born like this

But a believer is convinced that Allah سبحانه و تعالى created every human being born in a statefitrah(suci, murni, tanpa dosa). Tidak mungkin Allah melahirkan manusia dengan bawaan sejak lahir untuk menjadi pendosa seperti seorang gay atau lesbian. Ini namanya bersangka-buruk kepada Allah سبحانه و تعالى ...! Ini merupakan sebuah tuduhan keji terhadap Allah سبحانه و تعالى ...!Nabi Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم bersabda:

Year of birth

"Every child is born in a state of fithrah." (HR Bukhari) Shahih

Satan's philosophy teaches absolute freedom. It is a big lie if they say that their life is without attachment to anything. Indeed, the devil followers build attachment to their lust. His lust, which he had given up to be mastered and driven by the damned will of Satan.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Whoever takes the demon into his friend, then the devil is the worst friend." (Surah An-Nisa 38)

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