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Feast of Christian New Year, Celebrate Ignorance and Infidelity

The celebration of the Christian New Year is usually celebrated very lively: blowing a trumpet and turning on the fireworks when the clock hands are right on number 12 or on the digital clock shows a combination of numbers "00.00."

The year of the year actually relates to Christian beliefs. AD is another name for Isa Al-Masih (Jesus Christ). Thus it can be interpreted that celebrating the New Year is celebrating the year of Jesus' birth.
Even though it has been mentioned before, that year 1 AD which is based on the day of Jesus' birth is a misguided act. So, celebrating the Christian New Year is truly celebrating misunderstanding and ignorance.

In addition, the celebration of the new year is a silly act to preserve pagan rituals, whether realized or not. Because the new birthday party was an act of the Roman paganists to worship Lord Janus, the god of the gate guard who was depicted as a face, the one always smiled facing forward, and the other facing back with a grim face.

There are also those who welcome Christmas and New Year's Eve by saying "Merry Christmas and New Year" (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year).
This attitude is even more ridiculous. In addition to the misunderstanding of the Christian New Year contaminated with the Roman pagan tradition, it also contains the sin of harassment to the Prophet Isa (Jesus Christ).
Because December 25 was not the birthday of Jesus, but Christmas two prominent gods in ancient times, namely the Sun God of the Romans known as the celebration of Solis Invictus (the invincible sun) and the God of Mithras (god of sun truth and policy).

To match the popular day of idol worship at that time, Christian missionaries adopted the Christmas celebration of the Sun God and the God of Partners on December 25 as the Christmas of Jesus. This is the Christianization mission so that the paganists turn to Christianity. Because it has already become a Christian tradition, then unashamedly, since the 4th century AD the Catholic Church annexed December 25 as the Christmas of Jesus Christ.
Thus, the person who celebrates Christmas and congratulates Christmas for the birthday of Jesus on December 25 is an act that harasses the authority of Jesus. As a prophet messenger of God, we can be sure Jesus will be furious if his birth day is equated with the birth of a pagan god. Subhanallah 'amma yashifuun. [A Ahmad Hizbullah / suaramuslim /]

This is the reason why Muslims are not celebrating Christian New Year

Al-Hamdulillah, praise be to Allah. Shalawat and greetings should be blessed to the Prophet Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, family and friends.
The new year of our time is celebrated on a large scale. The sound of trumpets and the spectacle of fireworks almost adorn all corners of the world in the west and east. It is no different from a country where the majority of the population is infidels or Muslims. In fact, the celebration is synonymous with Christian holidays.

Many vanity beliefs that are on New Year's Eve. Among other things, whoever drank the last glass of wine from the bottle after midnight will get good luck. If he is a bachelor, then he will be the first to find a mate among his colleagues that night. Another belief, among the forms of misfortune is to enter the house at night without carrying gifts, washing clothes and eating utensils on that day is a sign of bad luck, letting the fire burn throughout the New Year's Eve will bring a lot of luck, and other forms of philosophy
Indeed these vanity beliefs were adopted from Christianity's false beliefs. The essence, adopting and imitating this vanity culture is prohibited. For he who is one of the people who resembles (resembles), he is part of them.

The Illegal Courage to the Unbelievers
In short, it stands to mean that it is a person's attempt to resemble the person he wants to be like, both in appearance, character and attributes.
Among the fundamental things of our religion is to love the love of Islam and its followers, "to hate and to quarrel" from the disbelief and the members. And the most visible sign of a bastard by a Muslim from the infidels, is proud of his religion and is honored with his Islam, as great as the power of the infidels and the progress of their civilization.
. . . the bara sign 'which is most visible with the difference of a Muslim from an infidel, is proud of his religion and feels honored with his Islam, no matter how great the power of the unbelievers and the progress of their civilization.
Although the condition of Muslims is weak, backward, and fragmented, whereas the infidels are so powerful, but the Muslims should not make it as a pretext to demolish the kuffar and justification to resemble them as the hypocrites and invaders call for. It is because of the syar'i texts that prohibit tasyabbuh (resemblance) with the infidels and the prohibitions imposed on them do not distinguish between weak and strong conditions. And also because a Muslim - with all his abilities - should be honored with his religion and honorable with his Islam, even when they are weak and backward.
. . . the condition of Muslims is weak, backward, and fragmented, still not to be used as a pretext to burden the kuffar and justification to resemble them
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala calling for a Muslim proud and honored with his religion. He classified it as the best word and honorable of honor in his word,

Accept أحسن A word Madam Prayer to me God Promise Valid Waiting إنني I Muslim

"Who is better in speech than one who invokes Allah and does good deeds and says: "Indeed, I am of those who surrender?". "(QS. Fushilat: 33)

Because of the urgency of this problem, namely for a Muslim to be different from an unbeliever, Allah commands the Muslims to pray to Him at least 17 times a night so as to distance themselves from the way of life of the infidels and point them to the straight path.

Mood Hypertension Elizabeth Straight The people أنعمت Ali Non Alcoholism Ali Villa Alcohol

"Show us the straight path. the way of those whom Thou hast bestowed on them, not of those who are wroth, nor of those who are astray."(QS. Al-Fatihah: 6-7)

There are so many texts of the Qur'an and the Sunnah that forbid them to worship and explain that they are in error, so whoever follows them means following them in error.

Tham Fake Ali Sharia I الأمر Fatima Villa Tables The whims The people La I

"Then We made you above a law of the affair, so follow it and follow not the desires of the ignorant."(QS. Al-Jatsiyah: 18)

Wali Affiliation أهواءهم Later Me Place I Science Me Lak I God I Why Villa Familiar

"And if thou hadst followed their desires after the knowledge came to thee, then wouldst thou have no protecting friend or guardian over thee of (Allah's) punishment."(QS Al-Ra'du: 37)

Villa Tukwa Years Transgression Waqtawawa I Later Me Place Albums

"And be not like those scattered and disputed after the clear proofs have come to them."(QS. Ali Imran: 105)
Allah Ta'ala called upon the believers to be khusyu 'when he remembers Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala and read His verses, then He said,

Villa Jerusalem Years Utah Book I Before Nature Ali Term Poverty Qulibir Winner Please Fascinating

"And let them not be like those who had been sent down to the Book, then a long time passed over them, and their hearts became heavy. And most of them are rebellious."(QS. Al-Hadid: 16)

Undoubtedly, resembling them included the clearest sign of love and affection for them. This is contrary to the attitude of bara'ah (hate and self-release) from disbelief and the culprit. Even though Allah has forbidden the believers to love, be loyal and support them. While being loyal and supporting them is because they are part of their class, - may Allah save us from him.
Allah Ta'ala berfirman,

Oh أيها The people Sincerely La Tremendous Alive Valencia أولياء Some أولياء Some Accept Orphanage Of you Fiction Please

"O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Nazarenes to be your rulers: some of them are the rulers of the others: Whoso of you take them as a leader, them."(QS. Al-Baqarah: 51)
Resembling infidels includes the most obvious sign of love and affection for them. This is contrary to the attitude of bara'ah (hate and self-esteem) from the disbelief and the perpetrators.
"You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving each other with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even though they are fathers, or children or brothers or their families ."(QS Al-Mujadilah: 22)

Syaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said, "Resembling (them) will depict love, love, and defense in the heart, as the inner love will produce musyabahah (want to resemble) in the heart." He said again in explaining the above verse, "Then He Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to preach, there will be no believer loving the infidels. So who loves the heathen, he is not a believer. And the likeness of zahir will grow love, therefore it is forbidden. "
Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said,

I Gratitude Buckle Foe Please

"Whoever resembles a race, then he belongs to their group."(Narrated by Abu Dawud, Ahmad and Ibn Hibban) Ibn Taymiyyah mentions it in his book Al-Iqtidha 'and Furatya Al-Albani in Shahih al-Jami' 2831 and 6149)

Shaykh al-Islam said, "This hadith-the lightest- demanded the ban of their tasyabbuh, even though it is an expression of the person who resembles them as in the words of Allah Ta'ala," Who among you who are faithful to them is indeed part of they are. "(QS Al-Maidah: 51)." (Al-Iqtidha ': 1/237)

Imam al-Shan'ani rahimahullaah said, "When they resemble the unbelievers in dressing and believing that as they are with the garments, they are infidels. If they do not believe in it, there is a khilaf between fuqaha 'in it: Among them some who say to be infidels, zahir hadith; And amongst others they say, not infidels but must be given sanctions warning. " (See: Subulus greetings about the hadiths).
Ibn Taimiyah rahimahullaah states, that resembling infidels is one of the main causes of the disappearance (foreignness of the syi'ar) of religion and the Shari'a of Allah, and the emergence of disbelief and immorality. As preserving the sunnah and the Shari'a of the Prophets is the main point of every kindness. (See: Al-Iqtidha ': 1/314)

Forms of the Unbelievers In Their Great Day
Unbelievers - with various kinds of religions and sects - have diverse holidays. Among them there is a religious nature which is the foundation of their religion or a holiday which they deliberately created themselves as part of their religion. But most of it comes from tradition and the momentum that was deliberately made a big day to commemorate it. For example National holidays and semisalnya. Furthermore there are several examples as follows:

1. Day to worship his god, such as the feast of Jesus Christ, Easter, Mass, Christmas, New Year AD, and the like. A categorized Muslim resembles them in two conditions:
First, Participate in the feast. Although this celebration was held by a minority group of non-Muslims in the land of the Muslims, then some Muslims participated in it as had happened during the time of Ibn Taymiyyah and Imam Dhahabi. This kind of reality is spread in Muslim countries. Worse, there are some Muslims who travel to infidel countries to attend the celebration and participate in it, either because of obeying their desires or to fulfill the invitation of unbelievers as experienced by Muslims living in infidel countries, government officials, or businessmen who were invited by their business partners to sign a business contract. All of this is unlawful and feared to cause kufr based on hadith, "Whoever resembles a race, then he belongs to their group."Certainly, the people who did it were aware that it was part of their religious syi'ar.

Second, Adopting the celebration of pagans to the land of the Muslims. People who attend celebrations of unbelievers in their country, then with kajahilan and weak faith, he is amazed by the celebration. then he brought the celebration to Muslim countries as well as the celebration of the new year. This condition was worse than the first, because he did not only participate in celebrating the infidel religious syi'ar in their country, but instead took him to Muslim countries.
. . . new year's AD's abilities are the traditions and syi'ar religions of the pagans in their country, but have been brought and preserved in Muslim countries ...
2. The great day is the beginning of being the syi'ar (symbol) of the unbelievers, and then the time has turned into a tradition and a global celebration, such as the Olympics by the ancient Greeks which is currently an international sporting event attended by all countries registered with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Participate in two forms:
First, attended the opening ceremony and carnival in the infidel country as many Muslim countries did to send their athletes to participate in various sporting events held.
Second, bringing this celebration to Muslim countries, as some Muslim countries have requested to host and host the Olympics.
Both can not be held and held in Muslim countries for several reasons:

a. This Olympics was originally a great pagan feast of ancient Greece and was the most exciting day for them, then inherited by the Romans and preserved by Christians.
b. The event has a name whose meaning is well known to the Greeks as their rite day.
Its existence as a venue for the sport does not necessarily change its status as pagan feast days based on its name and origin. The illegitimate basis of the celebration is the hadith of Thabit bin Dhahak radhiyallahu 'anhu, he said, "Someone has a vow in the time of the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam to slaughter a camel in Bawwanah - that is the name of a place - he went to the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam and said: "I vowed to slaughter a camel in the sea." The Messenger of Allah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: "Is there an ignorant idol worship idol?" They said: "No." He asks: "Did there be celebrations of their feast day?" They said: "No." He said: "Perform your nazar, surely it is not possible to fulfill the vow which is in vain to Allah and that the son of Adam could not do." (Narrated by Abu Dawud and sanadnya according to the terms as-Shahihain)
Considered by the hadith of the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam above, that the origin of this priodic exercise is a feast of pagan people. And it is forbidden as it is forbidden to slaughter a camel for Allah in the place of the feast of the pagan feasts. And time and place differences do not affect the substance of the reason forbidding the slaughter.
Ibn Taimiyah rahimahullaah explains, this hadith contains the meaning that the place used for the celebration of their great day can not be used to slaughter even though it is a vow. Just as the place is a place to put their idols. That such a vow shows admiration for the place they are honoring to celebrate their big day or to participate in the celebration of the great day. Or to turn their syi'ar there. When it comes to a place where their religious festivals are forbidden, what about the festival itself ?! (Summarized from al-Iqtidha ': 1/344)
While the Olympics are not only the time or place, but the holiday itself is based on the origin of the name and the activities in it, such as turning on the Olympic lights. Even though it was a symbol of their big day. And this sporting event is also held at the time of the Olympics holiday, which is held every four years.

3. Resemble the Gentiles in Celebrating Islamic Day
Forms of worship with unbelievers can also occur in the celebration of Islamic holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Adha. It is celebrating Islamic holidays in ways that the kuffar can use to celebrate their big day.
That in fact, Muslim festivals are decorated with gratitude to Allah the Exalted, glorifying, praising and obeying Him. Rejoice in enjoying the blessings of Allah from the Exalted without using them to engage in mockery. This is different from the feasts of the kuffar, celebrated to glorify the syi'ar batil and their idols worshiped besides Allah Ta'ala. In celebration, they are immersed in unclean lust.
However, it is very unfortunate that many Muslims in the world resemble infidels in disobedience. They changed the nuances of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha as a season of obedience and gratitude to be a season of mercy and kufr favors, namely by filling his nights with music, singing, drinking, parties mixed with men and women and forms of violations -Other violations. All of this is due to their imitation of the way infidels celebrate their big day filled with obedience and immorality.

May Allah guide us to conditions that are more pleasing to Him, not to deviate from the rules of Islam and not to preach with the infidels in their events. [PurWD / /]

New Year's Celebration Boikot, Bosnian Muslims Turn Off Lights

The Muslim community of Bosnia-Herzegovina calls on Muslims not to celebrate the turn of the year. How to turn off the lights.

"By turning off the lights, you have committed not to violate what Allah SWT forbids," the message of the Muslim community was quoted as saying, Jum'at (30/12).
The appeal of the Muslim community was inspired by a book entitled "Mutiara Sunnah in Journey of Time" by Almir Dumica.

"That night, start by turning off the lights and let everyone see you boycotting everything that happened that night. Don't be afraid of any objections because you have the right to vote," Dumica wrote in his book. "Don't say how I can do that. While, I will be declared a scapegoat but I will change anything."

The Muslim community also advised the Bosnian Muslims to make the turn of the year a normal life cycle. The cycle that should be more filled with expressions of gratitude to Allah SWT for His blessings and blessings. "Think about your health and family, peace and security that you enjoy. Thus, you will realize that every night the mercy of Allah SWT will accompany your body and soul," said another message.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a balkan country with the largest Muslim population. Islam entered Bosnia and Herzegovina after this country became part of the Ottoman Empire. At present the number of Bosnian Muslims reaches 1.8 million. (Republika /

For those who want to rebuke, remember the threat of God

O anyone who is going to ruin by scattering futile treasure in those days that if God wills there is a chaos.

O anyone who wants to pursue lust does not care whether it imitates infidels - the important thing is to be happy - in the midst of a lot of poor people, moaning because of the tightening burden of life.

O anyone who wants to engage in the midst of a society where some (many?) Are destitute.

O anyone who wants to dance and blow a trumpet when most small people are trapped.

O anyone who wants to burn firecrackers and fireworks in vain and wasting wealth when the mountains in Indonesia are on alert and alert to spewing fire.

Allah has warned:

All أن أهل Villages Sincerely Waitaqwa Lift Ali Blessings I السماء والأرض But not Kakbawa فأخذناهم I am they were Yaksubon (96) أفأمن People Villages أن This time Fine Beata I am Nemone (97) أوأمن People Villages أن This time Fine Doha I am Elbabon (98) أفأمنوا Makar God Flame Yemen Makar God No The folk Alphabets (99) [Customs/96-99]

"If the inhabitants of the lands believe and fear Allah, We will certainly bestow on them the blessings of the heavens and the earth, but they belie them, so We punish them for their deeds. Are the inhabitants of the lands secure from the coming of Our torment to them in the night when they were asleep? Or did the inhabitants of the land feel secure from the coming of Our torment to them when the sun rises while they are playing? Are they secure from the Wrath of Allah There is no one who is secure from the punishment of Allah except the losers. " (QS. Al-A'raaf [7]: 96-99)

For those who make the evil monster, remember!

أفأمن The people Makkah Accessibility أن Yakuf God Baham Earth Oh This time The torment I As a La Jihad (45) Oh يأخذهم F Fate So what Also Bombs (46) Oh يأخذهم Ali Till Fiction Lord I love you Rahim (47) [Bees/45-47]

"So do those who make the evil plots feel secure that Allah will drown the earth with them, or the punishment of them will come to them from where they did not realize, or that He will punish them while they are on their way, they will not refuse it, or Allah will punish them in a state of fear, then surely your Lord is Most Gracious, Most Merciful ". (QS. An-Nahl [16]: 45-47)

God has warned with His word. It also warns against the conditions around us on earth.

Wifi الأرض Equipment Llamolans [The atoms/20]

"And therein are signs for those who believe". (QS. Adz-Dzariyat [51]: 20)

If there are many people who have no faith, even many sins, forget the gods, forget Allah Ta'ala; in fact the verses above are enough to remind him. But because of the great love of Allah the Exalted, this human being is also warned by the symptoms of a disaster.
Now in Indonesia there are 24 volcanoes active and alert.
"Volcano whose status is Alert there are 18 mountains and Alert there are 6 mountains," said Head of Volcano Observation, PVMBG Hendrasto, when contacted by Tempo, Tuesday, December 27, 2011.

Mountains that are in standby status or Level III are Mount Ijen, Gamalama, Papandayan, Karangetang, Lokon, and Anak Krakatau. The ones who are Alert or Level II are Sorik Marapi, Sundoro, Anak Ranakah, Tambora, Lewotobi Men, Soputan, Mother, Lewotobi Women, Marapi, Bromo, Dieng, Gamkonora, Sinabung, Talang, Kerinci, Semeru, Sangeangapi, and Dukono .
He explained, generally for the volcano that was being set in Standby status a ban was imposed approaching a certain radius of the active crater of the mountain. Although it is diverse, it is generally around 3 kilometers, except specifically for Mount Ijen which is prohibited from being approached to a radius of 1.5 kilometers. "It depends on the character of the mountain," Hendrasto said. (Avoid these 24 volcanoes during the New Year's Celebration, AHMAD FIKRI, SELASA, 27 DECEMBER 2011 | 14:42 WIB, TEMPO.COM)

Meanwhile, there are 14 regions suspected of exploding conflicts. Sometimes the possibility of conflict breaks according to the analysis of people.
"Land disputes that are still occurring, can explode at any time. It could explode like in Bima and Mesuji," said TB Hasanuddin when met at the Parliament on Thursday (12/29/2011).

The fourteen major conflict-prone areas in question include:
1. Problems of oil palm land in Lower Belitang Sekadau district, West Kalimantan.
2. The problem of land that was seized by the government for the construction of tourist areas in South Gilitrawangan, West Nusa Tenggara.
3. The problem of land disputes between the Air Force and the people in southern Garut and Rumpin, Bogor, West Java.
4. Land dispute between the people and the TNI AD in Kebumen, Central Java.
5. People's land dispute with PT Permata Hijau Pasaman, in Jorong Maligi, Kanagarian Sasak Ranah Pesisir, West Sumatra.
6. PT JMB's land dispute with the people in Separi Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara East Kalimantan.
7. Oil palm dispute in Muara Tae Kutai Barat, East Kalimantan.
8. Dispute over oil palm land in Wanasalam / Malingping, Lebak Regency, Pandeglang, Banten Province.
9. PT Bintang Delapan Mineral land dispute in Tiaka Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi.
10. Disputes in Donggi Sinorak in Luwu District, Banggai, Central Sulawesi.
11. PT Sonokeling's oil palm dispute in Buol Regency, Central Sulawesi.
12. PT Citra Palu Mineral land dispute in Toli-toli, Central Sulawesi.
13. PT CPM's land dispute in Paboya, Palu, Central Sulawesi.
14. Several regions in North Sumatra.

(List of 14 Potential Areas of Large Conflict, - Thursday, December 29, 2011 17:34 WIB) (see conflict /)

It is proper for man in this world to use the rest of his life to repent to Allah Ta'ala, to close himself to Him, and to seek salvation for the world and the Hereafter.

Pain يأن People Sincerely أن Split Qulibir Lend God I am Nail I Ul Haq Villa Jerusalem Years Utah Book I Before Nature Ali Term Poverty Qulibir Winner Please Fascinating [Iron/16]

"Has not the time come for the believers, to bow their hearts to Allah and to the truth which has come down, and let them not be as those before whom the Book was sent down, then the length of time passed over them and their hearts are hardened, and most of them are rebellious. " (QS. Al-Hadid [57]: 16)

Who is capable of preventing the catastrophe whose factors have been made by these human beings, once God inflicts upon the people?
Obviously nobody can resist it. So reasonably even in the affirmation of the verse, who feel secure from the adzab of Allah is merely the losers.

أفأمنوا Makar God Flame Yemen Makar God No The folk Alphabets (99) [Customs99]

"Then do they feel safe from the punishment of Allah (which is unexpected)? No one feels safe from the punishment of Allah except those who are losers". (QS. Al-A'raf [7]: 99)

I am a resident of the archipelago who still desperately hesitates to scatter treasures for vain amid chaos ...
Already reminded, criticized, even sentenced to a deadly tsunami disaster 225,000 people in Aceh who had just had the night (there are news they hura-hura jogging) on ​​the beach in the event of idolatry, then the morning of December 26, 2004 was immediately swept by the tsunami to a lifeless again; too already. So if there is anything later and including the loss (as stated in the verse), then already!

Ya Allah, ya Rabbi, we ask for Your forgiveness. As You instruct in Your word:

Rubbing La Explain إن Nina Oh We were wrong Rubbing Villa Patience Alina Assra as such Attack Ali The people I To miss Rubbing Villa Giving Me La طاقة Lina Will Void Elements Wiffer Lina Warm أنت Maulana Fear Ali Almonds الكافرين [The Cow/286]

"Our Lord, do not judge us if we forget or we are mistaken, O our Lord, do not overload us as heavy burden as You burden on us before us, O our Lord, do not impose on us what we do not we will be able to bear it, forgive us: forgive us, and save us: we are our helpers, and help us against the disbelieving people ". (QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 286)
Amien has Rabbal 'alamien.

By Hartono Ahmad Jaiz



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