Friday, March 16, 2012

Felix Siauw: Training on Motivation Must Form the Righteous Muslim

Name Felix Siauw began to become a young Islamic motivator in the world of national level motivational training. In his training, this man born in 1984 departed from Islamic ideology towards Muslim converts. Apparently before finding it, Felix Siauw had struggled with the method Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP). However, there are many things from NLP which he thinks are contrary to Islamic principles.

"What I got at NLP was full of deception that then something on the basis of Islam, but actually we did it for our own sake," he said to, Wednesday (3/14) on the sidelines of the Islamic Book Fair 2012
NLP itself, for him, can be said to be a human centric science, that human beings become other major figures of the world are extras. Therefore no wonder NLP is a science developed by capitalist people.
"Although then NLP is not all contrary to the creed but this is a science developed by capitalist people. For then they live in a capitalist world so that we are unknowingly led to something that must be measured by material," continued IPB alumni who embraced Islam at the age 18 this year.
This ultimately made Felix Siauw decide to leave the NLP method. From there he thought why not just promote Islam. The Islamic method is the perfect method to go to a Muslim who is righteous and dares to present his identity as a believer.
"Where in other sciences to embrace many audiences we must speak to God, not God. We must speak good, not Shari'a. We have to speak pop and public things which then conflict with our own hearts, even though what we are fighting for Islam perfect, "he stressed at length.
The choice taken by Felix is ​​not without risk, this segmentation of ideological preaching is indeed relatively rare. But that's how Islam is, a religion that must be delivered as is.
"We must convey Islamthok. Whatever the risk is then, that's my risk. Our da'wah segmentation is Muslim and this must take precedence over others, "said the father of three children.
This motivation training is very much awaited by Muslims. Amid the flow of Islamic faith which began to erode and was no longer proud of its religion, Muslim trainers were challenged to plunge into voicing Islamic ideology.
"I have not seen this kind of person anywhere in Indonesia who then took Islam totally and then conveyed this andaskswith this and can get followers in the sense of not being followers of the people, but the idea, "he concluded.
At a minimum Felix Siauw started it. Success, sir ...

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media
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