Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anti-Islamic Right Extremists Arrested by British Police

Five people were arrested in Britain because they were accused of being part of an anti-Islamic extremist group. They were arrested on Thursday (04/19/2012) yesterday for disseminating articles containing racial hatred on the internet.
Four captured right-wing men from North Tyneside, Durham, Merseyside and Barnsley-South Yorkshire, said the British police's anti-terror unit. Meanwhile, the fifth man was arrested north of the capital London.

A source in the British police said that the five men were suspected of being part of a splinter groupthe extreme right of the English Defense League, EDL, known as the "Gentiles of the North West".
QuotedDW-In,Norwegian right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik claimed that he had contact with EDL. Although later the British extreme right organization denied Breivik's statement and confirmed that they had no connection with Norwegian men whose acts of terror killed 77 people in July 2011.
Until this news was revealed, there was no more detailed information from the British police regarding the arrest.

Meanwhile, the anti-racism Hope Not Hate Group in its latest report revealed that anti-Islamic groups continued to grow in Europe. At present, more than 300 anti-Islamic organizations have been formed.
"What Andreas Breivik is doing is a sign. However, we ignore those who inspire it to be dangerous," said Director of Hope Not Hate anti-racism, Nick Lowles, as quoted on page onislam.net, Monday (04/16/2012) yesterday .

According to Lowles, these new organizations replaced Neo Nazi groups and right-wing groups. This group is even more blatant in using hate language.
The report also states that Britain is a country with a high growth of anti-Muslim groups or organizations, namely 22 groups. In Europe as a whole, 133 organizations were mentioned in the report, including seven in Norway and 47 organizations in the US. "Relations between them both in Europe and the US are very worrying," said Lowless.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media