Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pastor Wants a Presentation, Eh ... Porn Pictures Appear

Roman Catholic Church in Ireland said it was investigating the emergence of a slideshow of homosexual pornography when a pastor gave a presentation to parents regarding their children's sacrifice plan.

Leader of four million Irish Catholics, Kardinal Sean Brady, said the priest who was caught up in the matter said he did not know how the pornographic image could be on his memory stick while holding a Powerpoint presentation for parents of students at St Mary's Primary School in the Pomeroy region, County Tyrone Northern Ireland.

Brady said, pastor Martin McVeigh"has stated that he has no knowledge of the existence of these images" and is ready to face internal investigations by the church.

McVeigh said other church officials also used the same memory stick, and he wanted an investigation so that "what happened could be explained legally".

"I don't know how that happened, but I admit that happened," McVeigh said, as the page postedThe Guardian, Tuesday (03/04/2012).

But the statement was not satisfying enough for St Mary's parents, who demanded the termination of the parish priest from his duty until the church determined who was responsible. They withdrew their children from the church, mostly aged nine, from the Sunday service which was planning to do the sacrifice for the children, said the sacrament leader in the church.

Parents explain the events at the March 26 meeting at school. When McVeigh was inserting his memory stick, then opening a folder, there were pictures of men's sexual scenes.

"The priest then trembled and was confused. He did not give an explanation or apology to the group, then ran out of the room," said the old man.

School and church officials then replaced the fellowship discussion, they said, "but parents who saw the photos were horrified and confused." They said, at that time an eight-year-old child was present.

After about 20 minutes, they said, McVeigh joined the meeting and drew attention by saying, "children will get a lot of money at the communion later and are expected to be donated in part to the church."

Parents say they are "angry with Father McVeigh who has been entrusted to provide pastoral care to their children".

Church officials have planned to appoint another priest to oversee children's awards this month, but cannot say whether McVeigh will return to duty at the ceremony in May.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media