Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hina Rasulullah, McD Tarik Power Rangers

Fast food company Mc Donald Saudi Arabia pulls toys Power Rangers which is provided free with the Happy Meal menu package sold in the country. The decision was taken to avoid misunderstanding due to the emergence of protests from various circles on toys that were considered tarnishing the Prophet Muhammad.

Lafaz the name of the Prophet Muhammad (in Arabic) is clearly visible on the base of the toy where the Power Rangers are. When played, then spinning the foot of the super hero will be about the name of the Prophet Muhammad. So that impressed the name of the Prophet Muhammad SAW was trampled by the super hero figure.

This triggered strong protests from a number of consumers in Saudi Arabia who were keen to see it. The toy was distributed free of charge with the Happy Meal package sold for children's consumers for 12 Riyals. The fast-food company distributed the toys amidst the incessant various campaign actions of the Saudi Arabian people such as "Support Your Prophet" and "Together We Defend the Prophet", to defend the honor of the Prophet from attacks and blasphemies deliberately launched by certain groups.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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