Thursday, May 24, 2012

Israel Will Bankrupt, Israel's Apartheid Wall Will Collapse Like Berlin

Like the Berlin wall, the apartheid walls that imprisoned Palestine will soon collapse. Israel is heading towards its time of destruction, this is the concern that exists in the head of Illan Tsion, a legal advocate of a community group in Israel who calls his communityFence for life"(Fence of life).

Tsion is an activist and who also works as a lawyer, is now mobilizing support to prevent the reunification of Palestinian families, even Tsion also said that "The dividing fence between Israel & Palestine must be made permanently, and also the border in Egypt must be closed, and we must make the same fence in Jordan immediately, No one can leave or enter except Jews.

These are the attitudes of racism that are increasingly increasing in Israel, not only do they hate the Arabs, that immigrants from the Arika region cannot be separated from their attitude of racism, they even refer to these immigrants as a criminal element in Israel.

Demographic Threats

It is rather strange when examining Tsion's thinking, which considers and sees non-Jews as a threat to the demographics of the territory of Israel, but that is what it is and this is what the Zionists think. They consider and believe that Israel has the right to control indigenous people in Palestine and also everyone just because they are not Jews.

This is the racist poster * that was unfolded on May 22, 2012 at a "anti-refugee" demonstration in Tel Aviv. The poster read "Stop discussing, do expulsion against refugees now"

Tsion was also worried that if the planned expulsion of immigrants and Palestinians was not immediately implemented, by 2030 the presentation of the population of Jews would decline dramatically.

The High Birth Rate of Immigrant Babies Is an Israeli Threat

Similar to Tsion, Danny Danon, a legislator from his Likud party, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that immigrants in Israel were enemies of the State and they were also ready to establish a "rival country" in Israel, because now they have given birth to hundreds of thousands of babies - new baby in Israel.

Allahu Akbar .. it turns out that Allah SWT not only shows his power in Palestine with the increasing birth rate in the Gaza Strip which is increasing, but also in Israel babies have been born that might become mujahids in the future .. Allahu Akbar ..

* Photo: Israeli girl demonstrating carrying poster saying "Stop discussing, do expulsion against refugees now"

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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