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Words of Wisdom that are Koplak!

Kata-kata Bijak yang Koplak!

The most difficult thing from the flood of information in the information age, is filtering it ...

The most powerful, and also the most terrifying ability of philosophers, writers, and amateur writers (like me), is to string words together. The ability of persuasion, which can make things that are actually correct, look wise. Even things that are clearly wrong, will be able to look extraordinarily true, extraordinarily plausible, complete with beautiful and flowery arguments, which sound to emerge from a bearded sage meditating under a tree, complete with the singing of birds in background.

The following words of wisdom, when you first read them, you might nod, agree, your heart is touched, even your eyes will glaze with a deep sigh while wondering: 'Yes, yeah ..' Is that wise? Let's criticize ...

"We do not have to judge the disadvantages of others, let's deal with him with his God, only God knows which is the most correct, only God is entitled to judge, in the hereafter."

Wow, wow, wow
Wait a minute ... If only God has the right to judge, let's disband all judicial institutions, because humans have no right to judge not? Want corruption, stealing, being gay and lesbian, insulting religion, even killing others, leave it alone. After all, we have no right to judge others right? Only God has the right. So if there are police who try to fine us for throwing trash or smoking carelessly in Singapore, just slap the know, and say: "only God has the right to judge me !!" If we only allow God to judge all the evils of humans in the world, we don't need law anymore, and let's go back to the stone age (even stone age people have rules). Or we just follow the words of my friend: "Weak teles, Gusti Alloh seng mbales .."

"Why are we making a fuss about a trivial matter? Pornography attributed, authors of books that promote lesbi are blocked ... Lady Gaga is involved ... It's better to be corrupt, they are more dangerous for our nation ..."

.. This is the same as: "Why do we catch people who like sandals, but the motorcycle thieves are chased ...". Lha bad deeds, big or small, must still be prevented. If the person is opposed to pornography, that doesn't mean he is silent about corruptors right? Wouldn't it be better for us to keep both of them. Say: say no to pornography and corruption! Both, in my opinion, sooner or later, will destroy this country. even the western community itself is quite anxious about pornography, how come we support it?

"God is omnipotent, great, great, so do not need to be defended If you form a movement to defend religion, it's just like you're harassing God's power and power.

, wait a minute. The religious organizations that have been formed so far, from any religion, are established to defend God, or for the benefit of religious believers? The organization was formed to deal with, voice and accommodate the interests of its adherents. If the organization aims to protect the interests of its members, why is it accused of trying to defend God? I do not remember that there are religious organizations whose vision and mission are: "to defend God on earth ..."

"Why is it really superficial with free sex? Very anti-mini skirts? Even though secretly like to watch porn movies, hooked sex too, likes to stare at thighs too ... The brain is just dirty ... Clean up the brain, don't urge people's clothes another ... If his brain is clean and his faith is strong, then someone who is naked in front of him will also not be tempted ... No need to be hypocritical and pretentious ... "

... For a moment ... Groups that are free of sex do not mean they are not fond of sex ... What determines is how we channel our desires ... We certainly like sex, enjoy sex, but with our partners, in a responsible way ... Sex is God's grace, but enjoy it responsibly. If we are indeed sex maniacs who like to fuck all two-legged creatures, of course we are happy to support free sex. That means we are more free to fuck various kinds of women without having to worry about Pampers and milk, because, with the spread of free sex, more and more women are willing to use (and we sleep), then we leave after being satisfied ...

Our brains are dirty? Come on, if only men were created without lust, then humans would have gone extinct ... Already men would be moved by their lust if they saw a woman's thighs ... If there was a man who bravely said he was not moved when he saw the thighs of beautiful women, it was only nonsense so that more and more women will show off their thighs with pleasure .. Mini skirts, indeed created to provoke the attention (and lust) of men .. If we do think dirty and cannot resist faith, of course we will take to the streets to support all women wear mini skirts ... More and more women can satisfy our dirty desires ... So, who is dirty and can't resist faith? Men who oppose miniskirts, or supporters? Opponents of free sex, or supporters?

Propaganda, often like a prostitute, uses thick and beautiful makeup to cover the rottenness behind it ...

I once lived in a boarding house in Yogya, whose children consisted of various schools: agnostics, atheists, kejawen, liberals, keris worshipers, and there were even so confused that they finally claimed to be religious communists ...

With a variety of thoughts that we have debated, accompanied by sipping coffee and smoking cigarettes, my mind is stuffed with various kinds of flow complete with amazingly beautiful arguments. Maybe that makes me trained in sharpening logic, scratching my head, and always trying look far behind these beautiful words ... Here, wise words that are more current trends:

"Lady Gaga is attributed ... What is the difference with what already exists in Indonesia? Indonesian singers are also a lot of obnoxious people. The dangdut singers have come into the villages, watched by children. If you want to be fair, those like that are also forbidden. .. "

How come the supporters of freedom have indeed been supporting the prohibition of pornography to the villages? In the past, when Inul was a lot of opponents, liberals also used the same argument: 'others are also prohibited from doong'. The protest about chef Sarah Quin (is that correct?), Was also opposed by the reason: 'he didn't intentionally appear seronok koq'. If places of immorality were raided, he said blocking people from earning a living. If the singer of dangdut seronok is protested by the surrounding community, answered: take care of each other's sins, if you don't like it don't have to watch ... Even when all that is trying to be reduced by the Anti Pornography and Porno Act, many scream: "Don't put freedom expressing! " The point is actually: "Don't forbid we do pornography and pornography, at any level! Want us to dance naked while twirling clothes over our heads in our house tiles, don't protest!" So, why compare Lady Gaga with the Mak Lampir Keyboard? (nickname of the swordmen in our area ...). After all, both of you actually support, in the name of freedom of expression? We, instead, are trying to oppose both ...

"We live in a very pluralistic society, so that every individual should be free to choose & carry out whatever principles of his life (including supporting Irshad Manji or Lady Gaga), then all respect each other in all these differences."

Hmm ... Wisely in theory, chaotic in practice. If only all individuals were free to live their life principles, then we wouldn't have to wait for the Maya to predict the end of the world. You can imagine, if there are many people who support Sumanto, then carry out his life principle as a cannibal, then Kentucky fried chicken won't sell anymore, and many people are carrying meat knives and pepper bottles on the street ... Or, if many people support Amrozi , then carrying out the principle of his life as a suicide bomber, the most crowded bus way terminal will disperse in 5 seconds (including the ticket guard) as soon as there is a man carrying a backpack coming closer ...

Yes, yes I know ... My argument above will definitely try to be countered by the argument: "the important thing is not to harm you" in the form of the following wise words of koplak:

"What's wrong with pornography? Or lesbi? Or other immoral acts? After all, it doesn't hurt you. If you don't like it, it's not necessary to watch it, don't follow it. If you're afraid your child is affected, strengthen your children's education. If faith is strong, want 1000 Lady Gaga to come to Indonesia, our faith (and our children) will not be affected ... "

Hellooo .. We are individual beings, but we are also social beings. Each of our actions, no matter how small, will affect our environment. For example, why do we protest with our neighbors who throw garbage to the river? "After all, the garbage is his own garbage (yes, where can he sincerely throw away your trash), the time does not belong to your mother, then why are you the wrong one?" Lha indeed if it is flooded, the floods first turn to find out who the bastard throws away the trash, then continues to invade your neighbor's house to the head?

Ok we don't like immoral acts, and we manage to avoid them. Then we also instill strong faith in our children, and also succeed. And we shout out there: "Maree seneee Lady Gaga, Freddy Mercury, Jhon Kei and Mak Lampir become one !! My faith and my family have been strong!" But for the next few years, suddenly there are children of our neighbors who are addicted to pornography, then can not stand it, and finally rape our daughters ... Or there are people who are drunk with alcohol and drugs, then crash into our entire family who are walking in sidewalks ... Or our daughters are lost, kidnapped by syndicates who sell them to prostitution ... Or your son is sodomized by your distant family ... Or an addict robbed you and killed you because you needed money to buy meth ... Just like floods, negative excesses of actions immoral, will never be picky who is the victim, whether you do immoral or not ..

True, that we are not 100% wrong, but, actually, we still have a share in that. We succeed in strengthening our family's faith, but we are ignorant of our environment. That is why in Islam there is a call: "amar makruf, nahi munkar". Calling for virtue, preventing evil. If we ignore kemunkaran in our environment, with the principle: "take care of each other's sins", rest assured, sooner or later, we will reap the rewards ...

Still reluctant to forgive us?

"Give me 10 mass media, then I will change the world ..."

At present, it is truly naive to believe that mainstream media will provide a neutral and balanced opinion on all things. They will give an opinion that suits the interests of the owner (what if the owner is Ryan Butcher?). It is very dangerous if we consider everything that is reported by the media is 100% true news, without trying to criticize and search for news from another perspective as a counterweight. Come on, we criticize these closing words of wisdom.

"Watching or reading pornography, violence, or whatever will not affect me. After all, humans are provided with filters to filter, and the brain to think. So I want to read or watch thousands of times, it will not change my position ... One time watching Lady Gaga's concert won't make anyone watching and demon worshipers and lesbians right? "

Hohohoho .. Let's compare the present situation and the situation 20 years ago, 80-90s. In the past, free sex in Indonesia was still very few in number. For adolescents at that time, holding hands in public alone, has caused a plague that makes the perpetrator want to plunge into the nearest ditch. See kids now? Maybe you yourself will voluntarily dive into the nearest ditch when you see their dating style. Even now they are happy to spread their behavior in the form of videos whose numbers are starting to rival American pornographic production in a year ... Why can it shift? Do you think it's parents and teachers who instill dogma: "My child, you have to be diligent in free sex, so you can rank ... Let's socialize free sex and sex free society ..."?

So who taught them? The answer is simple: mass media. For decades they pounded our subconscious brain with a variety of films, books, news, stories, soap operas, and others that very subtly implies: "Free sex is a normal thing cooy .. Child slang, shame if still a virgin at the age of 18. Tuh, many of your idol artists did it. " It is true that 1000 times read, or 1x watching Lady Gaga doesn't necessarily change us ... But, those messages have been invested for decades, in the form of millions of messages per year, from various directions, towards you and your family. Are you and your family sure not affected at all?

Who is the easiest to break down? Of course your child. Why do you think McDonald's and cigarette advertisements lead to children and teenagers? Because they are in an unstable and easily influenced phase, compared to their parents. When they become mature and wiser, cigarettes, junk food and free sex have become their habits, their opium, so they will be very difficult to leave, even though they finally understand what kind of damage is behind it.

"Still don't influence me, my faith is KW1 ″ Maybe. But, in a way, you will be affected. You will become permissive:" Let the other people do it, the important thing is I don't ... After all many do, and that's not my business " That is the next target: to abandon your social control ... If the rate of 'brainwashing' continues, in the next ten years, do not be surprised if we finally export porn videos to America and it is the American people who watch the Iwak Peyek Tour 2022 concert .

"Don't see who said it. If you want to criticize, criticize your ideas, his words, his thoughts. Don't be personal critics and their behavior (the language is alay: ad hominem)."

Oalaaah ... I gave an example of a mild case. For example, these words are spoken by two different people: "I will advance the Indonesian people. I will struggle to create a culture of corruption-free, simple lifestyle, and erode the bureaucrat and legislative lies." The first, said by Buya Hamka. Another one, said Angelina Sondakh. I think, the first one makes you nod in trust, and the second makes you half-bite your lips, then overturns because of laughing out loud ... Why are the exact same words, in exactly the same tone, but spoken by two people who different, the results can be different? Every word, however wise, there is always a motive behind it. And the motive is very much related to the person who said it. So why can't we criticize the person who said it?

If you want to ask for an opinion about hair style, you ask the hairdresser, or the welder? If I say "when the welder understands the hairstyle", is that ad hominem?

The Irshad Manji case is another vivid example of that. He exaggerated the media as a Muslim reformer who tried to enlighten Muslims. But in his book, he disputes the principles of Islam by promoting lesbian, gay and transgender, insulting the headscarf, even doubting the perfection of the Koran. If we criticize his lesbian personality (and of course he will fight hard for lesbians to be legalized in Islam ) and criticize his attitude which doubts the Qur'an, where is the mistake? Didn't we always judge who spoke, not just what he said? How could he be a Muslim, if he doubted the Qur'an? It was the same as he claimed to be a lesbian, while declaring again falling in love with Rhoma Irama ... Why if we doubted his Islam, suddenly there was a hysterical shout "Ad hominem! Ad hominem !?"

Well, this last wise word, is probably the most reasonable, and the most difficult to refute. But maybe also, this is the most correct words of wisdom.

"In this pluralistic society, do not force coercion. Let everyone do his own choice, without coercion. Something that is forced is certainly not good. The values ​​held by everyone are different, so don't force the values ​​you hold on others ... Don't so tyranny of the majority .. "

It's hard to argue with it right?

First of all, I ask first: do most of us indeed voluntarily enter work at 8 and go home at 5 or even overtime? Are we really begging for our leave for just two weeks a year? Are you truly sincere with the amount of your salary now? If not, why don't you try telling your boss now: "Sorry sir, actually I adhere to understand that work is only 3 hours a day, leave 6 months a year, with a minimum salary of 30 million. So, do not force your will ..."

Are you first when teenagers learned voluntarily, ikhlas bin legowo?

All laws and laws, especially in a democratic world, in principle, are coercion of the will, from the majority of the people who agree, to other people who disagree. Does everyone agree with the Narcotics Law? Or the Law on Corruption? Or even the Tax Law? Do you think all taxpayers are already itchy and half want to pay taxes that big? Why did the liberals never scream in the streets: "Don't force the will! Let them pay taxes as honestly ..."
So why, when there is a resident in an area agreeing to impose a regulation on anti-prostitution, gambling and alcohol, with a caning for the perpetrators, the liberals suddenly loudly shout "That violates human rights!". Do you think that imprisoning a person does not violate his human rights to live freely in freedom?
And why, when the Draft Law on Anti Pornography and Pornography tried to be ratified, suddenly the principle of democracy based on the majority of votes was considered the tyranny of the majority? If that is the case, there is nothing wrong if drug addicts and alcoholics rush to ride the xenia for a demonstration on the streets and shout "Don't be tyrannical to the majority! You have violated our human rights to teach until morning ...".

If only every law had to be agreed upon, all people could only be legalized, then we would never have a single law. What is not permissible, is to force with violence. If there are many who agree, and indeed the Law is for the common good (just as we are forced to learn as a teenager), where is the fault?


Honestly, I do not hate liberals. Some of my close friends are liberals. And I know, some of them, are sure that what they stand for is for the good of the nation ... But, there are also many of them who just want to create the right environment, to vent their passions ...

But, I don't really see the direction to freedom that starts to go too far. See our young generation. Frankly, if you see the motorbike gang passing by that makes me horrified, teen porn videos that are published once a week, elementary school kids in internet cafes cursing each other while downloading the song "selinting ganja in tangaaan ...", a teenager who yells at his mother, junior high school students sell themselves In order to buy cellphones and drug sellers that are far more than Indomaret, I sometimes want to pack and order ojek tickets one way to Timbuktu. This is not the environment that I imagined for me and my children someday. And I can imagine the future of our country if these young people become our leaders later ...

So what can we do? Expecting the mainstream media to educate our teenagers is like expecting Lady Gaga to fill in the dawn lecture. They are the ones who resist the hardest and struggle to lead public opinion whenever we want the state to control them. Sometimes, I feel, they are the ones who are superbody institutions. And remember: media journalists, are employees, who submit to the will of their employers.

Citizen journalism such as kompasiana, forums such as kaskus, blogs, and other online media, may be our only hope in the future. Is it difficult to fight mainstream media? Obviously, if done alone. But, I'm sure, there are many people who have conscience out there who, I hope, are willing to balance and restore people's brainwashing from the influence that mass media has given. Remember, the giant revolution that changed the Arabs has proven, that the power of unified citizen journalism is even able to overthrow leaders who are supported by one of the strongest countries in the world. For the sake of our lives, and the lives of our children, is that not something worth fighting for?

"Those who seek the truth, like water, if it is confronted, it turns away, it is impenetrable, it will seep, even if it is dumped by concrete in a giant dam, it will evaporate .. He will never be tired of finding the way ..."

By: Dian Jatikusuma, Medan

The author is Kompasianer

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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