Monday, June 11, 2012

1 US Soldier Killed Suicide Every Day

The number of suicide US soldiers has risen sharply this year, surpassing the deaths of US soldiers killed in battle in fairiesode the same.

"We are very concerned about suicide in the military," Cynthia Smith, a Pentagon spokesman, said BBC  Friday, June 8. He also added that this was one of the most pressing problems facing them.

Data released by the Pentagon shows that on June 3, 2012 soldiers who were still active on duty who committed suicide reached 154, an increase compared to 130 in the same period last year. That number far exceeds the death of US soldiers who died in combat in the same period this year. So if averaged, then every day there is one US soldier who killed himself.

However, the reasons for this high number of self-explanations are unclear, with data showing that soldiers who have a history of fighting have a higher risk. Fatigue, trauma and drug abuse are thought to be suicidal factors.

Nearly 6,500 US troops have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since October 2001. The increasing number of military casualties in Afghanistan has caused widespread anger in the US and NATO member countries, reducing public support for the Afghan war.

MuslimDaily/The Truth Seeker Media

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