Monday, June 4, 2012

3 Thai Paramilitary Soldiers Killed as a Result of Bomb Attack by Patani Fighters

PATANI, SOUTH THAILAND - Three Thai paramilitary soldiers were killed and four of their colleagues were seriously injured in a roadside bomb attack Patani fighters in the Kapho district of Patani province Monday (28/5/2012).

The homemade bomb packed in a fire extinguisher and weighing about seven kilograms was buried under the road in the village of Ban Koli from Tambon Talo Dueraman.

The bomb was detonated by wire from a rubber plantation about 200 meters away when Thai paramilitary forces passed by in their trucks.

The soldiers just returned from the party for the children of an assistant village chief. The blast tore through the vehicle, killing three of them instantly while 4 other paramilitary soldiers who were in the same vehicle were seriously injured in the incident.

Voa-Islam/The Trut Seeker Media

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