Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 Million Indonesians Addicted to Narcotics

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Central Board of the National Anti-Narcotics Movement (Grenat) stated that currently there are five million narcotics addicts in the country.

"From the Grenade data in a number of regions in the country, the total number of narcotics addicts reaches five million people," said Chairperson of the Grenade Award Night Committee who is also a former Papua Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Tommy Jacobus, on Friday / 6/2012) night.

He stated, with the large number of narcotics addicts in the country, it shows Indonesia is being hit by a drug disaster.

He invited the public to think about how the loss of state money due to the use of narcotics, assuming if someone uses narcotics one day to spend Rp. 200 thousand. "The Rp200,000 worth of money is multiplied by five million drug users," he said.

Therefore, he invites all Indonesian people and officials to fight narcotics and eradicate them. "In order to save the Indonesian people," he said, published by Antara.

Meanwhile, in the awarding ceremony, the National News Agency Institute of Antara won the award "Grenade Award" because it was considered consistent in loading various news in the spirit of building community awareness to fight drug crime.

The award was presented on the eve of the "Granat Award" award with the theme "Save the Nation from the Narcotics Disaster" held by the DPP Anti-Narcotics National Movement (Grenat) in Jakarta on Friday night.

The "Granat Award" award was given for various categories, namely Chief Justice, National Narcotics Agency, police, mass media, customs, prosecutors, and music groups which are all considered to be instrumental in fighting illicit trafficking and narcotics abuse.

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