Friday, June 22, 2012

Ignore the Prohibition of Prayer for Friday Prayer for the Company, 30 Shop Employees are Broke!

As many as 30 employees of the HF Shop on Jalan Semarang, Surabaya were finally fired after the Friday Prayers who were ignored by the Muslim workers.

"They reported to PWNU and now we are advocating for the Surabaya Manpower Office," said Head of the East Java Nahdlatul Ulama Legal Aid and Assistance Institute (LPBH NU) H Moh Ma`ruf Syah SH MH in Surabaya on Wednesday.

In fact, he said, the dismissal was also carried out on non-Muslim shop employees who participated in fighting for Friday Prayer through a series of demonstrations.

"The Secretary General of the East Java People's Labor Union Federation Mahfud Zakaria finally reported to the Chairman of the East Java PWNU KH Mutawakkil Alallah, then we were asked to help," he explained.

In its report, SBK East Java noted that the Friday Prayer ban has been going on for a long time through the "Friday Schedule Turn", the first Friday for 11 employees, the second Friday for nine employees, and the third Friday for 10 employees.

"For the fourth Friday it will return to the group's first turn and so on, so that an employee will only twice Friday Prayers in one month, even though it should be four times," he said, revealing.

The ban caused turmoil, so Muslim employees violated the prohibition, but they were fired, then SBK officials in the shop were also "police" at the Surabaya Police Station.

"Now, we are processing their report to the Surabaya City Manpower Office. To this day, we are still awaiting the response of the Surabaya City Manpower Office to bring us together with shop owners to have a dialogue," he said.

He added that the company should understand the obligation of prayers that cannot be abandoned, because the mechanism of the "prayer turn" is also wrong and cannot be confronted with the choice to pray or lay off.

Previously, HF Shop HRD staff, Gunawan stated that what had happened so far was only a misunderstanding, because the company only wanted the work to continue on Friday. "But the mechanism is still a problem," he explained.

Undergrondtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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