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Abdullah Rolle: Getting to know Islam, when America invaded Iraq


Abdullah roll
caught the attention of Muslims in various countries through the Nasyid album he launched. In 2010, he successfully released an album titled The Journey. Two years earlier, the Nasyid album was released in 2010. Previously, in 2008, his nasid album titled Patience was also selling well in the market.

He has gone through various stages. He has performed in a number of countries, such as in Europe, Canada, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar and India. Abdullah also often appears on major television stations such as Al-Jazeera, Peace TV, Islam Channel, S-Channel, and Iqra.

In addition to focusing on broadcasting Islamic da'wah through nasyid, Rolle also seriously manages the studio, becomes a producer, works on jingles and provides material for religious programs. Behind his brilliant achievements, Abdullah Rolle turned out to be a convert.

He was born to a Christian family. Rolle claimed to know God from his mother. The mother always tells about God, but never really teaches about divinity. He runs worship activities in the church without questioning anything. Rolle embraced Christianity because he was born of a Christian family.

His musical talent has grown since childhood. At an early age, he learned piano from his brother. He studied music in London and always came to music workshops to gain knowledge and opportunities to show his musical talents. Until the age of 17, he was still struggling with various musical instruments.

When many people think their voices are good to hear, Rolle starts to be confident to sing. '' One day I came to a workshop, I took a microphone, then I sang. It turned out that many liked my voice. That's when I started to give up, "he said as quoted by the page www.islamonline.net.

He spent three years studying vocals. Over time the musical talent began to be honed. Until now, Rolle has dedicated himself in the field of music for 20 years. In the 1980s and 1990s, he traveled to London, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto to collaborate with major recording companies and famous artists.

One of them works with Run DMC, one of the hip-hop bands from America. In 2001, MTV had named Run DMC as the biggest hip-hop group of all time.

After traveling to various continents, looking for money and fame, in 2002, Abdullah returned to London and made his own recording company. With his company, he tried to work with various community groups, especially young people. At that time, Christianity was still the religion he adhered to.

"Until one day when I was going to the studio there was a Muslim who approached me and invited me to talk about Muhammad and Allah," he said in an interview session on The Deen Show. At first he was interested in hearing an explanation from an unknown Muslim that origin.

However, because he had to pursue recording time, he was forced to leave. At that time, Rolle did not pay too much attention to the conversation. However, over time, the messages about God and the Messenger of Allah were always ringing in his memory.

When he moved to eastern London with his family, Rolle often visited a bookshop called '' Dar Assalam '' in the West End area. The store can satisfy its curiosity. Also through books, Rolee knows what is happening in the world and the conspiracies that have taken place.

Several times the book store manager gave him a booklet about Islam. When he got it, Rolle never read it. He just put it in a drawer. He was finally moved to get to know Islam, when America invaded Iraq.

Rolle claimed to have begun to sympathize with Muslims. He saw that the world often attacked Islam and Muslims. Not only that, Western media often accuses Islam of being a source of terrorism. He also began to look for answers to why Islam was always cornered.

Various questions about Islam began to appear in his mind. His conversation with a Muslim when going to the recording studio reappeared. His soul starts searching for answers to his questions. Again Abdullah went to the subscription bookstore.

That time his son came with him. '' I want to get something for my soul. These books do not help much, "he told his son. Then the child pointed out a DVD titled What is The Purpose of Life created by Khaled Yaseen.

Interested in the DVD, he asked the bookstore manager to give volume 2 and later. But not given. The store manager suggests first understanding what is the first volume.

Upon returning home, he felt he had to prepare himself before watching the DVD. Mental and physical are then prepared. He then plays the DVD disc. His soul responded to Khaled Yaseen's words about Islam as true. Namely about the concept of one God, Allah SWT.

The logic begins to receive every message that is delivered, until the part about prayer five times. At that moment he stopped. He felt that with his activities in the recording studio piled up, it was impossible to perform prayers. However, his little heart can't lie. Rolle was really attracted to Islam.

He wants to be a Muslim. However, at that time, the obligation to pray five times was still a problem. A fierce battle in him repeatedly occurred. Prayer means you have to want to learn Arabic and set aside time to do it five times a day.

For two weeks he fought with him about the pillar of Islam. Until his wife came and brought a DVD called One Islam from Sheikh Fiez. The DVD tells the story of God's power, death, and the last day. No human can predict death. It could be that in the next few seconds a human dies.

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