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Adu Feature Two Network Sites: Facebook vs Twitter

Adu Feature Two Network Sites: Facebook vs Twitter

Lately there have been many comparisons between the two medium social networksbooming, that is Facebook and Twitter. Now I will try to discuss my version personally. Previously please note, I am a user of both networks.

The conclusion I take is Facebook as a winner. Why? Let's review.

Twitter has advantages that have become their trademark. Terms such as follow, follower, tweet, mention, or retweet are familiar to us, tweeps (twitter users). In the past, those were some of the advantages of Twitter compared to Facebook. But it turns out Mark Zuckerberg do not want to follow in the footsteps of Friendster who is stationary and eventually extinct due to the existence of other social networks. Now, Facebook also has these features but with different terms. What are they?

1. Follow –> Subscribe

Initially FB only limited the amountFriend Request or Friendship Requests for each account 1000 requests. Yes, indeed until now the regulation is still valid. But now there is a subscription feature. Where these features function like follow, which is following the development of accounts that we subscribe to without having to be friends of the account in question. And to subscribe to an account usually does not need the relevant agreement (except special settings).

2. Follower –> Subscriber

Just like followers, if we subscribe to someone's account, then our home / FB homepage will be filled in by posting the accounts we subscribe to. If friend in one account is only limited to 5000 people, it is not the case with Subscriber / Customer. This feature does not limit the number of subscribers in one account.

3. Mention –> Tag
One characteristic of Twitter is the mention feature with the @ sign. And once again, Facebook also provides more or less the same features. We can mention our friends in status, photos, videos, notes, even comments. And the person we tagged will get a notification or notification on their FB.

4. Retweet –> Share

If on Twitter there is a retweet (RT) feature to spread a post from someone else, even on Facebook there is a similar feature called share. In this share feature; status, photos, videos, notes, or even a site link we can spread to our friends (friend / subscriber) in the form of posts that lead to the link of the original post in question. The cool thing is, we can choose whether to share these posts on FB itself, FB friends, or in groups and pages / pages.

And now we will discuss some of Facebook's advantages that Twitter does not have.

1. Number of character posts

This is one of the most striking differences between the two. If Twitter only limits the maximum characters tweet 140-180 characters, then Facebook does not limit it at all when it will update status or comments. It is this limitation that eventually raises the termKultwiton Twitter which means Lecture Tweet. Where this culture causes the timeline (home) of our twitter to be full by one person's posts. Even if on Facebook, the posts can be put together in the form of status, photos, or notes and do not need to fulfill the home / home page of our friends with rows of posts.

2. Application Games

One feature that makes the fesbuker feel comfortable, of course. With a variety of applications and games available on Facebook, of course, making Fesbuker never get bored even though it's not always quiet or our status isn't commented on. If on Twitter, if the timeline is quiet especially if there is no mention, it will be straightforwardsignout.

3. Thread Comment

On Twitter, if someone posts a tweet, we as followers don't know what comments from people about the tweet. At best, the person might just give a description and conclusions of people's responses to his tweet. Whereas if it's like that, it's very easy to engineer. As if twitter is a person who speaks one side of view. On Facebook, all activities can be seen and commented on (if so). Starting from status posts, photos, links, videos, etc. And the conversation can be a kind of discussion between posters and commentators who contradict TS (thread starter).

4. Chat

In this feature, we can chat privately with our friends via chat. Also with this feature, we can find out our friends who are online. While Twitter does not issue a chat feature.

5. Post Sundul

This feature is not like the features in the group, but actually this is one feature of "all activities can be seen and commented on". Yes, with this feature, our activities that comment on / like your own posts (as well as other people's posts) can be seen on our friend's home page. So that indirectly, the posts we like or comment on will go up too. It's nice if old posts can be lifted up again :)


Twitter might be suitable for famous figures who have many fans. Therefore many famous artists or brands have Twitter accounts and are active there. Actually FB also has a name called FanPage, but maybe for people as busy as them, accessing Twitter is simpler than FB FanPage.

Twitter may still have US cards that FB does not have, namely #HashTag and Trending Topic. But it seems that it's not a feature that threatens FB users to switch to Twitter. And with all the features available on Facebook that Twitter does not have, and many features on Twitter that are on Facebook, it makes a long distance between these two networks. No wonder the average Facebook user has a longer online time (3 hours) than Twitter users (15-20 minutes).

But back to each person. Usually people will be more active in places where many of their friends are active there.

By: Sa'id Rosyadi, Magetan


Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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