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"Football Religion"

Opening Ceremony Euro 2012 conducted at the Warsaw National Stadium, Poland, last June 8, 2012.
Sign of the start of the four-year prestigious prestigious soccer event on the blue continent. 16 countries have become European champions. More than three weeks in the future the European Cup football celebration was held. Those of us who are far from there, can also watch it directly even though through the glass screen.

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah loyal readers of gaullam, when searching on google, with the keyword "football religion", it turns out that there are already so many who wrote this theme and the title is the same. However, I myself continue to write titles like this for the 242 edition of the gaulislam bulletin published on Monday, June 11, 2012. The reason, this title is unique (although it is included in the market because many people write it). However, I want to appear somewhat different, although there must be an exact line of ideas.
It's okay, God willing, at least the different ones can make you find new things and at the same time think that "similar but not the same" still cool. Many writings can be produced from the same idea, even though the packaging is different. Hopefully you don't get sick when you read the same title searching on google. Hehehe ... but don't worry about the contents, God willing, it's different, and of course the solution. So, just read it to completion.

Tom Hundley, writing at the Chicago Tribune on June 4, 2006, "more than a game, soccer is a religion" (more than just a game, soccer is religion). Hmm ... do you believe? You can believe it or not. Just to be weighed, think about it. Just be assessed. But you need to note that football, aside from being a game, is also an industry, politics, and of course it becomes a kind of new belief when viewed from the symptoms of fanatical fans.

They make 'life-death' for soccer or soccer clubs. Hehehe ... I found this from my child's soccer jersey that was given by a relative. I was shaking my head in writing: "I give up my life-death only for Persija". Wow!

Indeed soccer is a business

Yeah, why is the subtitle like this? Different from the title? "How is the gaulislam? Inconsistent!" Hadeuh ... maybe some of you protested like that. It's okay, I accept with pleasure. Because, what? On the one hand for the fanatical fanatics of football and his club, the game of 22 people in the middle of the green field fighting for one ball to be put in the goal between the two clubs was a kind of satisfaction. Asa which cannot be described with words when a soccer club manages to 'slaughter' other soccer clubs. For example, the 'eternal feud' between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​in a match known as El Clasico. When the two nemesis clubs competed, in addition to the war of words inside the stadium, it also led to mutual ridicule on the internet or even physical clashes. Their feud is not just about football but also about politics.

On the other hand, it is the fact that these fanatical supporters, most of whom consider soccer as a 'religion', are used by business people to make profits. Just think, bro merchandise in the form of t-shirts, slayers, key chains, mugs and other types, they must be sold to their fans — that is, the benefits for the club owner. That's the official one (that is, it is specifically sold by the soccer club in question). If the 'wild' are definitely more in number, in the traditional markets in our country too many already. * maybe some of us actually sell it too hehehe ...

Bro en Sis is a loyal reader of Gaulislam, if you want to examine, actually the logos of soccer clubs in England, Italy and also Spain and several other countries (including in jersey their national team) many who 'modified' the symbol of the Cross. See Juventus, AC Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid. I wrote four clubs intentionally because they were easy to see (because they were rather striking) because they were quite famous in the world. Although later, Real Madrid and Barcelona were willing to remove the symbol of the Cross for the sake of fulus. The end of the business too. Formed (logo) for the sake of money, deleted also for money. Maybe the initial intention of soccer was to become a venue show of force which has to do with certain religions, especially Christians. But over time the club also needs money and finally anchors the business.

Well, talking about Real Madrid removing the Cross symbol on the club logo at the top (crown), it turned out that the goal was to get a contract that had a huge fusion value. Based on records 2, 2012), Real Madrid made a controversial policy by removing the cross on the club logo in April 2012. The move made Los Blancos get a big project in the Middle East with permission to build a sports resort in the United Arab Emirates worth 1 billion US dollars or around Rp. 9.5 trillion. Hehehe maybe the club's officials think: "sorry fulus mamfus" (there is no cash), then race to collect as much money as possible. If Real Madrid just April erased the cross on the club logo, it turns out Barcelona has been since 2007 ago. Barcelona, ​​did it that year, when the Qatar Foundation investor said he wanted to join the Blaugrana. The agreement took place at the end of 2010, when Barcelona announced it had signed a five-year contract with sponsors from the Doha City. The contract value of 150 million euros aka Rp 1.76 trillion from 2011 to 2016. The agreement between the two parties is related to the installation of sponsors at jersey the club with El Barca's record agreed to remove one crossbar from the emblem so it would not look like a cross.

, thus, for soccer enthusiasts, namely football supporters, football is an ideology, football is politics, football is channeling his hopes, it can even be football is also their religion. But for players, club employees and especially club owners, soccer is a business that of course has a relationship close to money bin money. Like they shouted, "Whoever loves a football club, it must be realized through support at the stadium by buying tickets, collecting merchandise and make soccer a way of life. "* pat the forehead!

At present, what is warmly discussed is Euro 2012 which was held in two countries: Poland and Ukraine. The 16 countries that were finalists in this four-year event not only wanted to lift the Henry Delaunay trophy, but also competed for money saweran which had been prepared for hundreds of millions of euros (exactly 196 million euros). Based on records a year ago (6/18/2011), the 16 teams that passed tofinal putaran Euro 2012will be rewarded immediately with a bonus of 8 million euros, with 1 million euros will be given again for each victory in the group phase and 500 thousand euros for each draw. The team that finished in third position at the end of the group phase gets 1 million euros. Meanwhile the victory in the 2012 European Cup quarterfinals will be worth 2 million euros, another victory in the semifinals will be rewarded with 3 million euros. In the team finalEuro 2012 championthen get 7.5 million euros, while the runner-up is given 4.5 million euros. Thus, if a team is unbeaten from the group phase to becoming a champion then the total bonus of 23.5 million euros (or the equivalent of 288 billion rupiah) is entitled to be stolen. Again, true football is business. CATET. That means that what makes soccer as a 'religion' is very likely to be only a large part of the fanatical supporters.

Anyway, I have written this question extensively in the gaulislam bulletin and during the 2010 World Cup celebration, please check Edition 140 / 3rd year (16 Rajab 1431 / June 28, 2010). The link is this: Please visit. God willing, as a complement to our discussion in this edition.

One more proof that soccer is a business is the salary of top players in the wealthy clubs in the universe whose numbers are almost like in dreams. Fantastic. If a marbot in the mosque around us is paid Rp. 500 thousand a month, then a Lionel Messi, from the results of herding, rubbing, kicking the ball and putting it into the opponent's goal (including advertisements and other bonuses) can earn Rp. calculated from Messi's total income in 2011 in a year which reached around Rp. 376 billion). That's just Messi, you know, not yet other football players like David Beckham, Ricardo Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and others. For the umpteenth time I wrote, soccer is indeed a business.

Gambling in soccer

For gamblers, or those who have high judgments, it's not exciting to watch football without betting. In fact, maybe they don't really need to watch the game very much, but the judgments they value. I once got a story from my hometown of the 2010 World Cup season, an onion dealer in Brebes, Central Java, could spend IDR 300 million for soccer gambling. That money is not for a month at the World Cup, but last night. I don't think about it. I shook my head again (no longer frowning, but surprised people). Other people mah it's hard to find money, including the football players who competed in the event, who already have money instead are thrown away for betting or soccer gambling. Severe this square mah, Bro!

On Sunday morning June 10, 2012, when filling in Islamic studies with friends of the gaulislam crew, it was also discussed about the phenomenon of gambling in the European Cup soccer arena. Accompanied by a glass of coffee mix, ketempling (snacks made from cassava) and ended with a rice uduk breakfast together after the study, we told each other's experiences when they witnessed gambling crazy people. A friend told me that there was a lottery gambling agent who held his stall right next to him selling telephone pulses, many different types of people stopped by togel agents to collect numbers (including police officers). Wow! Another friend's story, a lot of people are crazy gambling until a crazy person is asked what number will come out so if installed can win lottery gambling. * Who is this crazy?

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, a loyal reader of Gaulislam, if in the West Sono, an online gambling company instead joined in sponsoring a football club. For them, to keep the club's finances running smoothly, they have to beat up sponsors. It doesn't matter whether the sponsor is a gambling company though, what matters is money. So, look at the online gambling company logo that was once listed on jersey Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, including Sevilla (at the time one of his players named Frederic Oumar Kanoute was reluctant to make his shirt because of online gambling, he was Muslim and refused gambling). This is also proof, that football, and all the knick-knacks that surround it are not far from business.

BTW, if you want to write various stories about this, the taste doesn't seem to be finished. Because, there are still many and many more. But quite a few of these examples are representative in this 242 edition of the data collection for gaulislam as evidence / the fact that football for people who play a role in dredging money is a lucrative business. Only fanatical supporters seem to make soccer their new 'religion'. They are willing to die for the sake of football and the club or national team they defend. Irony and very heartbreaking conditions like this.

Keyboard shortcuts, closing down the discussion in the 242th edition of the 5th bulletin boulevard, I would like to convey that our "life-only" is for Allah Swt and His Messenger. Remember that when we read the prayer of prayer in the prayer, "Inna sholati wa nusuki wa mahyaya wa mamati lillahi rabbil'alamin. La syarikalahu wabidza lika umirtu wa a minal muslimin." (Surely my prayer, my worships, my life and my death I give to God the ruler of the universe, I never associate with Him, and thus I was assigned, and I am of the Muslims.) Catet, Bro en Sis. That's why we have to keep up with football clubs to forget ourselves and forget our own ideology, the Islamic Ideology. Enough if you want to watch, just watch at home via the glass screen. That's just as necessary, do not force yourself to stay up, let alone pick up a bet or even make soccer as our second religion. Hadeuuh, that's his name. Not really!

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