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In order to make life more meaningful at dusk

Anyone who sees his figure will surely be amazed. How could I not, at the age of almost sixty years, he still faithfully visited one of the study groups that he built. Every day. Not infrequently, the distance is quite far. He traveled all the distance by motorbike.
When asked what kept him faithful in living it all - more with his condition which was nearing dusk, the Muslim woman who was previously a Muslim convert replied that he only wanted to follow the Prophet Muhammad.

In the letter Ali Imran verse 31, Allah SWT says, "Say (O Muhammad): If ye love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. 'Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful."

The mother who still looks fit at the age of her armor also said that she wanted to follow the Prophet who had given her whole life and effort to the end of age. Although he is not young anymore, he wants to be like the Prophet who continues to serve and fight for the sentence of Allah SWT until death picks up. Although he was aware that he was never worth the majesty of the Prophet, but he was determined, he wanted to continue to mean in his age for Islam.

Still meaningful in old age, really is something that is rarely thought of by many people. Many people feel that old age is the time to rest. Stop all the busyness done at a young age and enjoy life until death comes. Even though the Prophet Muhammad did not exemplify this in his life at all. When he started his old age, the Prophet remained rested except in prayer. He continued to lead the war and he was still busy taking care of his people. In fact, if the Prophet wanted, the friends would certainly compete to serve their needs so that he could enjoy old age.

However, the Prophet did not mention this in his life history. Although He is a grandfather who loves his grandchildren, He has never used the family as an excuse to withdraw from the world of da'wah and jihad. Likewise with his wives. Call it Khadijah ra who is still eager to help the struggle of the Prophet-even in the last days of his life-when facing the boycott of the Mecca of infidels. He continues to act as a man who carries out the logistical needs of the Muslims who are stabbed by the boycott at Syi'ib Bani Muththalib.

That is, the Messenger of Allah and the believers of our predecessors. They are the people who remain passionate and earnestly fighting in the path of Allah SWT in their old age. They continue to chase with time to collect supplies to the actual resting place. They are fully convinced that in this world it is the place to accumulate provisions to heaven. The most worshiped place and the most satisfying place to truly rest.

Although we cannot deny that the older a person is, the stamina will also decrease. However, the sunnah of His Messenger to continue to strive and preach in this old age, has now proven its benefits through research carried out by students postdoctoral University of California, USA, Alexandra Fiocco in a study entitled Health, Aging, and Body Composition. Fiocco and his team tested 2500 men and women 70 and 79 years who lived in Memphis, America. Cognitive abilities (reasoning ability, logic, empirical proof) of respondents were tested in four sessions, namely at the beginning of the study, the third year, the fifth year, and eight years later.

Over time, the cognitive abilities of the respondents did decrease. As many as 53 percent experienced minor cognitive decline and more than 16 percent of respondents experienced major cognitive decline. Uniquely, 30 percent of study participants did not experience a decline and even their scores rose or their cognitive abilities improved.

Apparently, the 30 percent of respondents were those who remained active. They mostly work as volunteers and join humanitarian organizations. They were found to be more fit and have good memory. In addition, they also continue to actively exercise and always improve their insights.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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