Monday, June 18, 2012

The water in Gaza is very polluted

Gaza's water source is too dangerous to drink because of contamination by fertilizers and human waste, a new report said.

Charity Save the Children and Medical Aids for Palestinians, the number of children being treated for diarrhea has doubled in five years. They said five years of Israeli blockades in the region had prevented important sanitation equipment from entering Gaza. The blockade must end "as a whole," they said.

In a report the charity added that many children in Gaza were sick from consuming drinking water. Reports show high levels of nitrate and contamination found in water sources in Palestine. Nitrates, which can be found in stools and fertilizers, are associated with doubling of diarrhea that affects children since the blockade begins. They also blame war damage and chronic lack of investment in the region.

According to reports, some families who were desperate to make their own water sources. The family sometimes did not realize that the water they had dug themselves had been contaminated. Even 10 times more dangerous than the existing safe level.

Israel insists that the Gaza blockade has diminished considerably in recent months, says the BBC's Jerusalem correspondent.

"However, the health and welfare of Gaza's children must be an urgent priority. Israel must lift the blockade as a whole. To allow the free movement of people and goods, going in and out of Gaza," the charity said in a report.

The charity also calls on the international community, the Palestinian Authority and donor countries to do more.

MuslimDaily/The Truth Seeker Media

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