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South Sulawesi Academic: "The Disgrace is Not Rebellious!"

Whatever the interpretation, the word 'rebel' turned out to be sensitive in the community of South Sulawesi (Sulsel).

Things that cannot be denied, Sulsel has been tinged with rebellion addressed to the chairman Darul Islam Indonesian Islamic Army (DI / TII) Kahar Muzakkar in the 1950s.

The proof, after the incumbent governor candidate for South Sulawesi Syahrul Yasin Limpo echoed the invitation to fight the rebels, there was a reaction of criticism from various circles.
The invitation of Syahrul, who is also the regional head (PD) of the Indonesian Military Armed Forces (FKPPI) South Sulawesi Putra Family Communication Forum, came out when opening the FKPPI XIX regional leadership meeting (rapimda) at Baruga Sangiaseri, the governor's house in Makassar yesterday.

The emergence of criticism, is not impossible because of the strong belief of the majority of the people of South Sulawesi, that the figure of Kahar is not a rebel. The reason was justified by the lecturer in the History of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Makassar Dr. Latif.

"Kahar Muzakkar was not a rebel. Kahar never had the desire to leave Indonesia. So, his movement was called the Islamic State of Indonesia, there was an Indonesian word," Latif told The standsOn Saturday (06/09/2012).

Kahar, he continued, remained loyal to Indonesia and the principle of Pancasila, because he fought for Islam. That's how Kahar fought for ideas, and got the sympathy of the people of South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.

"In the past seven territorial armies were formed, the commander was Alex Kawilarang. Panglima Kawilarang was not approved by the South Sulawesi people. The people of South Sulawesi continued to reject Alex, who was also a Manadoese," Latif said.

Because the people of South Sulawesi did not agree with Kawilarang as commander, Kawilarang asked Kahar to come to South Sulawesi to persuade them.

Kahar was entrusted with Kawilarang, because at that time he was a senior military at the Bugis-Makassar. Can be blamed, Kahar Muzakkar is a 'military grandmother' in South Sulawesi.
Names like Andi Sose and Andi Selle, were educated Kahar in the era of military unity (before DI / TII was formed).
Kahar was asked to direct the people of South Sulawesi to obey Panglima Kawilarang. Kahar was then given the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
"When Kahar came to South Sulawesi to meet almost all leaders of fighters in South Sulawesi, Kahar received the aspirations of the people of South Sulawesi to be given a position in the military world. There were also those who wanted to become entrepreneurs," Latif explained.

However, the aspirations of the people of South Sulawesi that Kahar carried, were rejected by Kawilarang. Kawilarang does not want to accept the wishes of the people of South Sulawesi.

Kahar, as a representative of South Sulawesi, at that time struggled to ask Kawilarang to accept the wishes of his villagers, but was again rejected by Kawilarang.
Because Kawilarang insisted on rejecting the aspirations of the people of South Sulawesi, Kahar then left Kawilarang. Kahar chose to return home with the people of South Sulawesi. He entered the forest to fight for the people of South Sulawesi.

Kahar directs fighters in the forest by forming a military unit not yet DI / TII. When Kahar formed a military unit, the people of South Sulawesi were busy joining in, such as Andi Sose (owner of the University of Makassar 45) Andi Selle, and Makatang Dg Sibali.

But, in 1952, a number of Kahar's base members such as Andi Sose and Dg Makatan, were interested in entering the TNI. From there, Kahar accepted the wishes of his colleague.
Then, Kahar changed the formation of his military unit. In 1952, many of the first layers of Kahar's defense entered the TNI. So, Kahar transformed his military unit into the Darul Islam Indonesian Islamic Army (DI / TII).
"Things that need to be underlined when Kahar forms DI / TII, there is no fact that Kahar discredited other religions," Latif explained.

Indeed, he said, the presence of DI / TII also protects non-Islamic religions. In fact, many non-Muslims join.

"I want to say, Kahar's ideology is part of the Pancasila. So, if there is a rebel designation, not another era, the situation is now different," explained Latif.

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