Saturday, June 30, 2012

Action "Reject Youth Condomization and Legalization of Free Sex"

"Allaahu Akbar", the shouts of takbir blared in the poor city, the action REFUSE THE FREE CONDOMISATION OF YOUTH AND LEGALIZATION "27 June 2012, The students from Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia Malang conducted approximately 150 participants from the Brotherhood / Faith, a combination of GP students, BKLDK & LDS (school missionary institutions).

Starting at 13.00 WIB from the ITN crossroad / in front of the gate of UB campus Jl. Veteran, then longmarch to the DPRD building located at the Bakorwil Jl. Jakarta. After being opened with enthusiasm by the MC, akhy akbar from UM, continued the first speech, Wira UM. and presrilist readings by Suhermanto.

The action continued with longmarch towards the temporary DPR office (BAKORWIL), takbir and yel2 were greeted with enthusiasm by the citizens of Malang, along Jl. The veteran, a resident of Malang city who is in office buildings, banks, mosques, high schools and junior high schools, MATOS, came out enthusiastically to see, receive leaflets and listen to speeches from us, along the way the speeches and yells were endlessly echoed by representatives of students from UM, UMM, UB, and high school representatives.

Alliwa 'and arroyah fluttered freely, the posters of rejection of the Minister of Health's style program were stretched freely along Jl. Veteran. Until in the DPRD, the enthusiasm of the participants of the action was even more intense, the remarks of officials from outside the building were very enthusiastic to receive us. The last oration was echoed by akhy Daring from UMM, firmly and loudly inviting Mr. Police, road users, and council members to jointly reject condomization in the style of Minister of Health and together with Hizb ut-Tahrir struggling to uphold Sharia and the Caliphate.

The event was closed with a prayer by akhy Saiful from UIN MMI, after that disbanded in an orderly manner. Thank God, this action received interesting responses from the media crew, Surya, Radar Malang, Kompas, Koran Tempo, Surabaya Post, Metro TV, RCTI, and did not forget the Special coverage by INTEL. In the action there was also the dissemination of Nasrah / Presrilist to road users and the community surrounding the action. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly with friendly Police escort.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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