Friday, June 29, 2012

Al Ikhwan Exciting People Moves to Protect Myanmar Muslims

Al Ikhwan Al Muslimun calling on countries that have influence on Myanmar, the United Nations, the OIC, the Arab League, human rights institutions throughout the world and Muslims to move together to protect the lives and rights of Myanmar Muslims, according to Ikhwan Online's official website (28 / 6/2012).

Dr. Mahmud Husain, the secretary-general of Al Ikhwan Al-Muslimun, said, "Our hearts are deeply saddened by the massacre of the Muslims in Myanmar, the fire that burned their houses and the eviction politics for Muslims still in Myanmar.

Earlier it was also reported that Egyptian Mufti Sheikh Ali Jum'ah expressed the same call to Muslims and international parties to immediately carry out crimes in order to save Myanmar's Muslims from the massacres carried out by radical Buddhists supported by their government.

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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