Saturday, June 23, 2012

Al Qassam has fired 120 rockets at Israel as a response

Brigade Izzuddin al Qassam, the military wing of the Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, said that in less than 48 hours its fighters had fired around 120 rockets and mortars into Israeli targets in retaliation for Israeli Zionist aggression in the Gaza Strip.

In its military statement, the al-Qassam Brigade said it had attacked 13 military posts and Zionist settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip with 111 rockets and 9 mortars, from Tuesday (6/19) morning to Wednesday (6/20) midnight.
Palestinian sources say that the Egyptians again stressed the cessation of attacks between Palestinian factions and Israeli occupation forces.

Since Monday (18/6), as many as 9 Palestinians have died and a number of others were injured in a series of Israeli air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile an Israeli and 3 border prisons were killed in standard weapons. Palestinian resistance factions continued to counterattack by firing dozens of rockets and mortars at Israeli military posts and Zionist settlements around the Gaza Strip, causing a number of Israelis to be injured.

Israeli sources admitted that more than 20 people were injured, 11 of whom were members of the border guard police. Israeli newspaper Yedeot Aharonot said resistance rockets had caused severe material damage, fires raged at a number of military posts. While dozens of people experienced hysterical panic.
Al Qassam explained that it used Grad type rockets, locally made qassam rockets, and 107 mm rockets and mortars in pounding Israeli military posts and Zionist settlements on the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, two al Qassam Brigade fighters on Thursday afternoon, in Beit Lahiya, in the northern region of the Gaza Strip, were hit by an Israeli air strike in a tunnel that was hit by an Israeli plane.
Victims named Tsair Beik and Muhammad Zuhair Khalidi. Both are from Beit Lahiya in the northern region of the Gaza Strip.

The al Qassam Brigade promised to continue the path of jihad and resistance, expel the Israeli occupation of Israel and thwart its plans on Palestinian land.

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