Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alex Aan Confesses Atheism and Insulting God Sentenced and Beaten in Prison

The area of ​​West Sumatra that we all know about the philosophy of ABS-SBK (Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah) has become the target of the missionaries and even the Atheists, this is what has happened recently - is Alex Aan who consciously post the article 'God doesn't exist' on his Facebook wall, for this "nyleneh" behavior Alex Aan has been convicted, because this act includes blasphemy against religion.

Alex's actions also received attention from the Customary Chief in Padang - Mr Zainuddin Datuk Rajo Lenggang, who in addition to being criminally punished by the government, may also be criminally convicted. Because in West Sumatra the law applies that all people are Minang, so he can be sure to be Muslim, and if the Minang people have left Islam, he is no longer a Minang, and his rights will also disappear if he comes out Islam.

Apparently his thoughts and interests about atheism were obtained by Alex Aan after he read a book by Karen Armstrong entitled "Holy War". His mind began to drift and wondered, "If indeed God exists, then why in this world there is still a famine? Why is there war? And why does God create hell? And other questions that arouse his heart"

Responding to this, Alex Aan's parents were very sad, because what they knew was that their children were good children and always prayed five times, and Alex Aan's mother, Nuraina, was even sadder when she learned that her child had indeed turned 180 degrees and became an Atheist.

Alex Aan's colleagues who gave their support also said that Atheists in Indonesia currently have more than 2,000 people.

Even Andreas Harsono from the Setara Institute who often disputed the prohibition on the use of miniskirts in public places, the closure of churches and also the prohibition of Valentine's celebrations some time ago provided the defense of Alex Aan.

Not only has support from Human Rights activists, apparently Alex Aan also received support from the International Atheist-based Alliance and also an Organization of ex-Muslims in the UK.

The case of the conviction of an Atheist turned out to be the first in Indonesia which was alleged to have undermined the foundation of the "Pancasila" State, this case itself has generated many reactions and debates in Indonesia, currently Alex Aan has been imprisoned for approximately two months in Padang prison, West Sumatra.

And there is one funny thing, it turns out when the prisoners are one cell with Alex Aan, and then find out that Alex is imprisoned for committing a stupid act that states that "God Is Not There", and the inmates immediately arouse their spirit of Islamization , and they immediately "judge" Alex Aan for not accepting that there is an Atheist among them.

Actually the questions then make Alex Aan being an Atheist can be easily denied, that is if an Atheist asks you: "If indeed God exists, then why in this world is there still a famine and a war?" then the answer is simple, ask back to the atheist: " If indeed the barber exists, then why are there still many long-haired people in this world? "

Photo: Alex Aan

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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