Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ali Azhar Akbar, Author of Lapindo Mud Book, Reportedly Lost

JAKARTA - Ali Azhar Akbar, authorConspiracy Behind Lapindo Mudflow, allegedly lost or disappeared. The last contact he ever did happened three days ago.
Originally, Ali came as a speaker at the book review event in the West Hall of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Friday (06/22/2012). However, when the discussion speakers got on stage, Ali did not appear.
The Director of Indopetro Publishing who published the book, Kusairi, finally spoke up. "We have not been able to contact Ali Azhar since three days ago. Sorry he could not come," Kusairi said.
He also said that the last meeting with Ali Azhar was on Friday last week at the Constitutional Court. At that time they were applying for a judicial review of article 18 of the APBNP Law concerning Lapindo mud. Ali Azhar said that he was already in Bandung on Tuesday (06/19/2012).
On Tuesday, Kusairi sent a short message (SMS) asking Ali for certainty about the discussion but there was no reply. The next day, he sent a short message again but the results were the same. Once called, it turns out that his cellphone is not active.
Kusairi began to realize something was wrong. When asking his family and friends, the answer also did not know.
This incident made Kusairi worry about the safety of the author of the book on Lapindo Mudflow. He also revealed that throughout the preparation of the book launch, the author was often terrorized.
Two book surgeries conducted in Jakarta and Yogyakarta went smoothly and Ali Azhar was able to attend. According to the plan, the next discussion will be held in Surabaya or Medan.
However, according to Kusairi, no one has reported to the police regarding the disappearance of Ali Azhar. His party is still awaiting the latest developments before deciding to report to the police.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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