Friday, June 29, 2012

Amazon takes advantage of selling insulting ebooks to Islam

Amazon have been accused of benefiting from selling books that insult Islam, are racist and considered destructive.

The big trade site, sells a number of ebooks that readers can download from the site, some of which are worth less than £ 1. This allows anyone to download an ebook for sale, without protection against content that traditional publishers might reject.

Daily Mail revealed on Sunday (06/24/2012) that one of the ebooks sold titled "Prophet Muhammad: Monster of History" which contained images of the Qur'an was burned and a woman was hanged. The author, Jake Neuman, said the contents of his book on his personal website, "The writings contained in this book are now illegal in most Western countries." But the users can still access his work with the click of a mouse.

The British Muslim Council has requestedAmazon to take appropriate steps for the responsibility of the contents of the books on the site. They say, "freedom of expression should not be limitless, and publications that cause anti-Muslim hatred should not be permitted."

Many potential private publishers can use Amazon's direct publishing service to download their ebook for sale. Publishing Istruction Amazon itself has a 'content guide' that publishers must adhere to, stating, for example, that "we do not accept pornography", but critics say the company has not implemented it so far.

Labor member Paul Flynn said, "if Amazon providing a platform for books that can not be published, otherwise it is responsible. This is an indifferent attitude toward inflammatory material. "

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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