Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turkey's Ambition Flares up in the War in Syria

A recent poll by Ankara Social Research Center shows that more than two-thirds of the Turkish people oppose intervention in Syria, despite the incidents of shooting Turkish military aircraft over Syrian waters. The poll reported in the Turkish weekly al-Akhbar also found that the majority of citizens wanted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to take a more neutral stance regarding the Syrian conflict.

The poll reflects a new reality. It is increasingly difficult to use it to provoke and manipulate the public to support the war.

In the past, leaders will provoke or take advantage of incidents like last Friday to gain broad public support for going to war. But now, Turkish people are increasingly skeptical of war provocations.

The political maturity of the Turkish people reflects lessons in their long decades of struggle for Islam and democracy and against secular Kemalist fascism. A Turkish TV presenter, Ceylan Ozbudak agreed that the Turkish government must take a more neutral stance in the Syrian crisis. Ozbudak stressed that the Turkish people want a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis.

Senior Veteran Today editor James Fetzer said he was not surprised when the Turks responded calmly to the shooting incident of Turkish military fighter planes in Syria. The calm reaction of the Turkish people to the incident offers reasons for optimism. If such calm continues, predictions of former United States President Dwight David Eisenhower may one day come true, "People in the world really want peace. One day world leaders must give up and give it to them."

The international community also called on the two countries to hold back and avoid showing off military power. However, officials from both countries are still responding to statements about the shooting of Turkish military aircraft by Syria.

Tehran also urged Ankara and Damascus to hold back. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said, Tehran asked both parties to calm down and restrain themselves, and hoped that this issue would be evaluated wisely and tolerated and dialogue through a settlement of peace, calm and maintaining stability in the region.

However, Erdogan said, Ankara would announce its final stance and take the necessary steps after the incident was completely cleared. A Turkish government spokesman also said the shooting of the plane would not go unpunished.

Turkey will formally consult with its NATO allies regarding the reaction that should be carried out. NATO envoys are scheduled to meet in Brussels today to discuss the issue.

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