Sunday, June 24, 2012

America Allegedly Accidentally Opposes Iranian Nuclear Issues Remain Heated

Image-6881Newspaper China Daily criticizing the attitude of the United States regarding Iran's nuclear program and writing, "We must say clearly that the United States does not want the Iranian nuclear problem to stop following its interests in the Middle East."
Fars News said, in a report on Iran's nuclear and Moscow negotiations, the China Daily wrote, "It is not surprising that in the latest talks in Moscow progress and progress were not achieved and if we want to speak clearly there is no party who wants negotiations to run in Iran's key interests and the United States strongly emphasizes this. "

"In essence, Iran's nuclear problem is not related to nuclear non-proliferation, but reflects the mutual distrust between Iran and the United States."

The Chinese government-affiliated newspaper stressed that the United States which was pressing Iran to change the Islamic Republic into a nuclear-tech state and America also made a global controversy over the Iranian nuclear issue.

According to the China Daily report, the United States also signed a nuclear agreement with Iran in 1957 to compete with the Soviet Union.

In 1963, Iran signed a limited ban on nuclear testing and in 1968, Tehran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). But relations between Iran and the United States deteriorated after the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Regarding whether Iran is capable of producing nuclear bombs, the China Daily said, "Not as claimed by the United States. To produce atomic bombs, enriched uranium is needed up to 90 percent, but Iran only enriches uranium up to 20 percent for medicinal purposes . "

Not only that, there are even doubts about Iran's intentions and plans to produce weapons of mass destruction, because no one can know for sure whether Iran intends to produce nuclear weapons. "What is clear is that Iran is emphasizing its independence and sovereignty."

On the agenda of the United States it has been noted that the Iranian nuclear crisis must continue to be suggested as a threat and the aim behind that effort is to prevent Iran's progress in the nuclear field. In this way, the United States wants to maintain the dependence of Middle Eastern countries on buying weapons from the United States and also to preserve its military bases in the region.

On the other hand, the China Daily mentioned that the United States could not punish China and Singapore for their trade cooperation with Iran because Washington did not want to face from side to side.

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