Thursday, June 21, 2012

America wants to involve other countries just to escape

AFGHANISTAN - The whole world knows that after the announcement of the Jihad Al-Faruq operation on 2 May 2012, the Mujahideen have changed their military tactics. They started a brave attack operation. They made land as hot as ovens for invaders and their puppet militias. They (Mujahideen) make the enemy very confused that how they (the enemy) can find a way out.
What is surprising is the United States Secretary of Defense Mr. Leon Panetta, who also worked as head of the CIA, gave a statement of contradiction and his actions were unclear. On May 28, he told TvIBCin an interview that "we will have a permanent presence in Afghanistan and we will not go anywhere from Afghanistan". But the day before in the same month, he told the newspaperWashington Postthat "we have no permanent presence in Afghanistan after 2012".
In the first week of June, the US Secretary of Defense continued to tour the Pacific region, Vietnam and India is the main stop. Americans want to send their military ships to the Pacific region to disrupt the region's peace because American history has proven that they are seeking profits from the loss of others.

The interesting thing is that the Minister of Defense for the first time visited a military base which was their military center during the Vietnam War to find clues about 1200 missing troops. The reason for the search for missing people after 40 years has passed is also Afghanistan, because they have encouraged Americans to enter other tragedies due to their stubbornness and irrational politics.
The famous minister arrived on June 5 to New Delhi in the hope that the country's hosts would welcome their demands to come to Afghanistan because they now have a weak war. But as said, they tried to deceive a clever person, because the Indians and their authorities observed this forbidden war for the past 12 years and they were aware of the Afghan people and their demands.
Although full details of the negotiations have not yet been released for the press, it seems that the host's answer is negative. The minister moves empty-handed to Kabul without getting any success or progress from his business. He spent 3 days in India to move heavy loads on their shoulders (India), to find a way out and to escape from Afghanistan. Some trusted media sources say that India does not heed these demands and shows their reservations, because India knows or they must know that America is sharpening their own axes. America has a long history and experience changing loyalty. They always pursue their interests and never care about the interests of others or their misery.
There is no doubt that India is a significant country in the region, but it is also worth mentioning that they have complete information about Afghanistan because they know each other well in history. They are aware of the aspirations of the Afghans, their beliefs and love of freedom. It makes no sense if they have to throw their nation into disaster just for American pleasure.
The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly announced in its statement that we want to have good relations on the basis of sovereignty, equality, mutual respect and not intervening in each other's internal affairs. We have stated clearly that no one will be allowed to use Afghan land to harm anyone.
Islamic imagery confirms that the solution to the Afghan problem lies in the withdrawal of foreign troops and to leave Afghanistan's sovereignty for the Afghan people themselves.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Friday, 25 Rajab 1433/15 June 2012

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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