Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The rebellious child and Israeli intelligence wanted to make a film that insulted the Prophet Muhammad

The son of a Hamas figure who later apostatized because he converted to Christianity and ten years worked as a spy for Jewish Zionist invaders, Mush'ab Hasan Yusuf, on Wednesday afternoon (6/20/2012) arrived back to the Zionist country to make a film that harassed the Prophet Muhammad.
Mush'ab, 34, is a Palestinian born in the city of Ramalah, the Gaza Strip and the son of one of the founding figures of the Islamic Hamas movement, Sheikh Hasan Yusuf. Syaikh Hasan Yusuf himself had escaped from the rebellious child.
Mush'ab entered Christianity and worked as a spy for Jewish Zionist invaders for more than ten years. The crime was successfully dismantled by the Hamas Mujahideen in 2010. Mush'ab then fled to California, America and obtained political asylum in the crusader country.
syaikh Hasan Yusuf
On Wednesday afternoon (6/20/2012), he returned to the Zionist state of Israel. In a press conference held at Bait Aghirun, West Al-Quds, Mush'ab proudly praised Israeli 'democracy', "This is my country, I returned to it, and I was not worried about anything."
In front of the journalist, Mush'ab praised his mentor in the Israeli intelligence service currently working as a lawyer, Gunen ben Ishak. Mush'ab also boasts of his work as an Israeli intelligence agent, "What I have done is the reason why the Israeli bombings and bloodshed have been prevented."
His mentor, Ben Ishak, also praised him, "What Mush'ab has offered is a huge service, the Israeli state will not forget it. He has prevented the killing of many Israelis and he foiled many bombings. If one day the Israeli intelligence service reopened its archives, so the service would find so much valuable information he had contributed. "
Regarding the purpose of his presence back in the Zionist state, Mush'ab stated in front of the journalists, "I want to make a film in the city of Al-Quds, which shows my envy to the prophet Muhammad and my hatred towards Islam."

Mush'ab added, "I have my own reasons for making the film. The first reason, of course, is my hatred of the principles of Islamic teachings that have been static for a century. Their prophet Muhammad allowed murder and he married a girl aged nine year."
The emergence and press release of the Mush'ab in the Jewish state of the Zionist occupation had stirred up mass media in the Middle East. The colonists and zionists will always be the emissaries of those who are willing to be their slaves for the sake of the enjoyment of the lost world. Their stories have always been blown up by the international mass media in the hands of Jewish groups.

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