Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kos Children Must Be Tight Supervised

BANDUNG, - Indonesian Religious Leader (MUI) West Java urged the government to immediately make strict regulations regarding the location of boarding houses. Ulama judge, board owners do not just think of material benefits, but aspects of morality must also be considered.
"Right now freedom in boarding houses has led to violations of morality norms. Everything is urgently needed to save the next generation, where the majority of boarding house residents are students. In fact, boarding houses in densely populated neighborhoods often occur," said the MUI General Secretary West Java HM Rafani Ahyar when met at his office, Jl RE Martadinata, Monday (4/6).
He said, he had kissed the signal and reported it to the government, the community, the campus and the students themselves. "It is time for the regulation to be regulated to properly regulate board regulations," he said.
He considered, currently the attention of the campus to the students who stay at boarding houses is not optimal, even though several large campuses have applied the dormitory system. "I see, the attention of the campus is loose, even though there is an official dormitory, but it is limited," he said.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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