And Jesus

"Because I am a human, born of a woman, subject to the judgment of God, who lives here like any other human being, subject to ordinary sufferings,"

Injil Barnabas, yang diyakini sebagai tambahan pada Injil Markus, Mattius, Lukas dan John, yang telah membuat perhatian besar masyarakat dunia pada awal tahun ini karena menyatakan bahwa Yesus telah menubuatkan kedatangan Nabi Muhammad'alaihi salam.

Wallahu a'lam bish shawabIWD/The Truth Seeker Mediadikutip  Posted by : , majalah Category : Location on EastEarth, Jakarta. Based on reports from analysts' controversial Gospel '- the ancient 1500-year-old Al-Kitab with the gold found in Turkey - states that Jesus (Prophet Isa' alaihi salam) was mortal, was never crucified, it was considered challenging the core principles of Christianity .yang berbasis di AS.

Some analysts claim that it is In February 2012, the Vatican formally requested permission to see the Aramaic Book, the text of which was inked in gold written on animal skin and covered in animal skin, which was discovered by Turkey during the anti-smuggling police operation in 2000..

This week, the translation of the Gospel quoted from media documentation - originally written in Syiriac, in the Aramaic dialect reportedly states that Jesus said The verse in the Gospels denies that Jesus has God and the concept of the Trinity, where the Christian doctrine defines that God is three Gods: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

In addition, the Gospel also states "the existence of Judas Iscariot as a person who died on the cross not Jesus, while in the New Testament, Judas betrayed Jesus," reported  These statements disprove Christian teachings, which had been built with the doctrine of Jesus' death as the redeemer of human sin and its resurrection as the hope of everlasting life.

The statement supports the teachings of Islam, that Jesus (Isa Al-Masih) was a man who became a Prophet and Messenger of Allah, not God, then raised to heaven by God, not dead on the cross. As Allah says in the Qur'an: "Verily, those who say:mengatakan "Sejalan dengan keyakinan Islam, Injil itu memperlakukan Yesus sebaga manusia dan bukan Tuhan. Menolak pemikiran Tritunggal Kudus dan Penyaliban, dan mengungkapkan bahwa Yesus memprediksi kedatangan Nabi Muhammad."

In one of the verses of the Gospel, Jesus said to a priest:

"In another verse, Jesus denied being Al-Masih, claiming that he would become the Ismaili, a term used for Arabs," added the report. The ancient Gospel of Aramaic caused a lot of controversy about the authenticity of the entire contents of the Gospel. No one has yet been able to ascertain the overall authenticity of the contents of the Gospels, whether they all contain what the Prophet Isa taught.

While the Protestant priest İhsan Özbek denied that the Gospel was written by St. Barnabas. "Copies in Ankara may have been written by one of the followers of St. Barnabas," he told the Turkish Today Zaman newspaper earlier in 2012., atau telah ada perubahan padanya. Namun beberapa pernyataan dari Injil itu yang diungkapkan, telah membantah prinsip-prinsip dasar Kristiani.

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