Thursday, June 14, 2012

Between Hidayat Nur Wahid, SBY, Ahmadiyah and British Ambassador

Jakarta which Jayakarta is Jakarta is clean and well-organized. Including clean and sorted out from cults, such as Ahmadiyah. Then what does the DKI Jakarta governor candidate say, Ustadz Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid about the dissolution of Ahmadiyah ?.

Hidayat said that in fact in accordance with the provisions of the Law the authority to dissolve Ahmadiyah was in the hands of the President. Well, said Hidayat, when he served as Chair of the MPR, he spoke with President SBY about this matter. At that time he said to SBY, "We have the 1945 Constitution. We not only have article 28 E that guarantees freedom of expression, but we have article 28 J which states that freedom is limited by law," Hidayat said.

Hidayat also said that he was visited by the British Ambassador to Indonesia. The Ambassador asked Hidayat about the ban on Ahmadiyah in Indonesia and asked that the state not intervene in the beliefs of its citizens. At the Ambassador's question Hidayat replied, "I must remind you, why do you intervene in my country. Ahmadiyah affairs are my country's affairs", he said.

The Ambassador then said that in his country Ahmadiyya is free and not prohibited. "You don't pretend not to know, you are the one who made Ahmadiyya," Hidayat said to the Ambassador at the time.

Regarding Ahmadiyah, Hidayat argued that if indeed the Ahmadis love Islam, love the Prophet, love the Qur'an, why should they add new prophets again. "Be Muslim", he said. But if indeed Ahmadiyya loves another prophet (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, red), it is better to declare themselves as non-Muslims. "Finish the business", he said.

Regarding what policies he will take if he becomes the Governor of DKI, Hidayat said, "We are just heading. We just won not. The important thing is we win first," he said.

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