Monday, June 25, 2012

What does the US really want from Iran?

What does the United States really want from Iran? Why are there no end to talks - Istanbul, Baghdad and Moscow - regarding the Iranian nuclear issue?
Why did the West impose unilateral sanctions on Iran? Why does it seem impossible to reach a simple agreement with Iran which has the right to enrich uranium, has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), issued a fatwa forbidden to possess an atomic bomb and continues to receive inspections from the IAEA?

The questions arose because in April 2010, US President Barack Obama proposed that Iran must transport 1,200 kilograms of enriched 5 percent uranium. Uranium will then be enriched to 20 percent in other countries, such as Russia. 20 percent enriched uranium will be made into fuel slabs and sent back to Iran as an isotope for medical purposes.

In public, Obama did make a very sensible proposal and in a message to the governments of Brazil and Turkey, asking them to continue the matter. Therefore, in May 2010, Brazilian and Turkish officials submitted the proposal to the Iranian government. The Islamic Republic accepted it and the agreement was announced in the Tehran Declaration.

Strangely, then the American government firmly rejected the proposal submitted by themselves. Extraordinary, because it was clear the arrogance of the superpower and Washington never believed that Tehran would accept the proposal.

The proposal was really a cunning trick with the intention of expecting rejection from Iran so that the West exposed it as a nonsensical step. But what happened was just the opposite, the US had acted irrationally.

The situation is even more strange, because 16 American intelligence agencies say that Iran did not build an atomic bomb, British MI6 also stated the same thing, and even Israeli Mossad agreed to that view.

Iran's great desire is to follow the ideals of Imam Khomaini, namely, to achieve cultural, political and economic independence. Iran's determination to be independent is a slap to the West, which positions itself as the ruler of the world.
Moreover, Iran from day to day actively exposes the failure and arrogance of the United States in the Middle East region. This step is clearly a form of direct opposition to US hegemony.

In nuclear cases, the US has no intention of reaching an agreement regarding uranium enrichment. Washington actually desires to stop any agreement, because an agreement will mean that the US no longer has a reason to bully, disturb, and also there is no reason to maintain unfair sanctions. Even worse - from the US point of view - any agreement will raise a crucial question, namely, why the United States has never tried to deal with Israel's nuclear weapons, which have hundreds of nuclear warheads.

In short, the real desire of the US is regime change. The US wants to overthrow the Islamic Republic. The US wants to destroy a regime, which exposes the weakness of the superpower. In particular, the US wants to destroy anything and anyone, which exposes Zionist Israel's racism and fascism.

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