The UN Human Rights Commission is very serious in responding to the violation of religious freedom in Indonesia. Of course, this is related to the issue of the Ahmadiyya problem, and the prohibition on the establishment of the Yasmin Church in Bogor, which was reported by NGOs, and the Indonesian Church Council to the UN Human Rights Commission, in Geneva.

The Ahmadiyya problem, of course the UN Human Rights Commission, cannot only see it, as a violation of human rights. Because, it involves a basic problem (principle). Where among the Islamic leaders in Indonesia, have conveyed to the government, the desired solution in order to solve the problem of the Ahmadiyya.

Ahmadiyah is an internal problem for Muslims. Attempts at dialogue with Ahmadiyya and the government have been repeatedly held, but the government has not taken decisive steps. Against Ahmadiyah. This is what then leads to conflict at the lower level.Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya a group that deviates from the mainstream (mainstream) of Muslims, which cannot be tolerated at all. Ahmadiyah claims to have its own prophet, and has its own book, and that all contradicts the mayor's beliefs of Muslims.Does the pretext of religious freedom of Muslims have to allow Ahmadiyah to carry out activities, and carry out movements, which invites Muslims into the Ahmadiyya, which has blatantly deviated from the subject of Islamic teachings?

About the Yasmin Church

Yasmin Church is one of the many churches in Indonesia. Where the establishment procedure is very manipulative. By violating the agreement that has been stated in the Three Ministers' Decree, concerning the procedures for establishing houses of worship. Among them, every church that wants to be established, must get the approval of the signatures of 90 residents around the location.

It is often the case that church parties manipulate local residents' signatures. Where with the manipulated signature, the church received permission to establish the church. Imagine, in Indonesia the growth of the church, more than 200 percent, compared to Muslims, which is the majority in Indonesia, which is not 100 percent growth every year. Do the church still feel their basic rights are restricted? Thus, the Yasmin Church case, must be reported to the UN Human Rights Commission, as a violation of human rights in Indonesia.

Everyday Muslims are killed wherever no one appoints this to the UN Human Rights Commission. In the West, especially in Europe and the United States, can Muslims exercise their basic rights, such as religious beliefs freely.In a number of European countries, the government prohibits women from using veils and veils. Their religious activities are limited. Some of their basic rights are also limited, such as in education, in economics, social and cultural fields. Now in all Western countries, there is intense discrimination against Muslims. But, does anyone speak about the basic rights of Muslims.Mosques are prohibited from proclaiming the call to prayer using loudspeakers. All activities of Muslims are reduced very hard. Muslims are just being watched. They are already with negative stereotypes as militants, fundamentalists, and extremists, and terrorists.

Different from every Western government, especially America, it is very delicious to kill Muslims and their characters with just stamp capital


", you can act anything, including killing them.

In Indonesia how many Muslims, who have not been proven wrong, were immediately shot in the streets and in their homes, simply because they were accused of being "terrorists". Crimes or mistakes have never been proven before the court.

They were tortured in prisons. Has anyone noticed their fate. Just as they are still kept in Guantanmo prison, in the Gulf of Cuba, only because they want to uphold God's rules and laws.

While only because of the Ahmadiyaha and Yasmin Church problems in Bogor, Indonesia was reported to the Human Rights Commission in Geneva by NGOs and the Church Council.As long as the Soeharto government has been massacred by Soeharto's savage regimes, in Aceh, Lampung and Tanjung Priok, and in a number of prisons? Nobody reported Suharto to the UN Human Rights Commission.

So if Muslims are killed, in Christianity, in the apostasy, and in the jails and tortured it is "given" mere? International and multilateral institutions (global), coming to African countries, Asia, the Middle East, and apostatizing them, establishing churches, and Christianity can be counted on the fingers in the midst of Muslims, then the Muslims take for granted?

So if the Ahmadiyah continues to spread the ideas that oppose the "mainstream" Muslim majority, just leave it alone? So?

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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