Sunday, June 3, 2012

The US and Israel Are Behind the Virus Attack on Iran

Image-6789President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama Jr., in 2009 it was reported to have quietly requested an attack on a computer system on nuclear facilities belonging to Iran.

The New York Times newspaper reported on Friday (1/6), Obama wanted to expand the impact of attacks on Iranian computer systems. He continued the George W. Bush Jr. program. The report also mentions computer virus the Stuxnet Worm was made jointly by America and Israel as a sabotage tool for Iran's nuclear program in 2010.

Since the attack, Obama's advisers have estimated that due to the effects of cyber sabotage, Iran's nuclear program has resigned for about 18 months to two years. But many experts doubt the report.

This report came a week after the antivirus and internet security provider Kaspersky explained that it had found a computer virus to function as a spy for a new computer network designed to collect and eliminate important data. According to them the virus is found in many Middle Eastern countries.

Research result Kaspersky suggesting a computer virus nicknamed Flame is the most complicated weapon of espionage today. They explained that the virus had infected computer networks in Iran, the West Bank, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The company said Flame has a distinctive element similar to Stuxnet and not found in any computer virus so far.

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