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Astaghfirullah, Graduated from National Examination, Students Show off Aurat and Maksiyat, Fruit of the Failure of the Secular Education System!

It's terrible to see some students in this country, the more damage they see. Instead of producing a generation of prayer and prayer, education in this country has failed to bring generations to glory. In the middle of the announcement high school graduation and equals, some students pour it out with disrespectful actions.

The damaged annual culture reflects the failure of education and increasingly shows the face of the young generation in this country. Scratchy action on school uniforms and motorbike racing already
it was a shameful sight almost every year that every announcement of a school exam passed.

Call it like in Pamekasan Madura, hundreds of motorbike convoy participants, even some students who use motorbikes with red number plates. The motor used by Honda Win students, the operational motor of the Village Head, as reported by Kompas, 05/16/2011.

Even worse, some of the students in the convoy were in action by tearing off their skirts and uniforms. Not only that, there are those who openly smoke in front of other convoy participants.

Recently reported, a member of the Commission D of the Pamekasan DPRD, Madura, East Java, accidentally ran into one of the female high school graduating convoy participants on the Tlanakan Highway. The girl was found removing her uniform while driving a red automatic motorbike.
"Such graduation celebrations are truly outrageous and have tarnished the image of Pamekasan Regency as a district that has the slogan of the Islamic Community Development Movement (Salam Gate)," he said when met by a number of journalists at his residence.

According to him, the identity of the student might be traceable because the number plate of the motorbike being driven was very clear in the picture he had taken. "My prediction is that it is a student from a private school and I will trace the number plate so that it is found out who is concerned," he said.

If indeed the student's identity is really known, his party will press the Pamekasan Education Office and the school concerned so that their diploma is detained.

Not only tearing clothes, or releasing their uniform, among the students are also using a pairing motor between men and women. Of course, it is a crime act.

Thus, the portrait of the darkness of the younger generation in the countries where they note they are in school status. Then where is the success of education when every immoral act of approval always comes up?

There have been too many failures from the system of secularism, the separation of religion from life that is unable to produce pious and pious generations. This system has gripped future generations of young people from various sides threatening the future of the young generation of this country.
Just look, at school, a secular education system in which Islam is only two hours long and Islamic values ​​are not the basis for other lessons. At home, family education has been captured by television shows that are poorly educated, indulgence in genitals, and other western life patterns. Not to mention the information technology factor without the braking of related parties to counteract the negative charges that continue to be presented from the West.
How many more victims of the younger generation have fallen as a result of the application of the system of secularism and its derivatives such as the idea of ​​freedom and human rights? The time is now for Muslims to rise back to the Islamic education system that shapes students' personalities with their mindset and pattern of Islamic attitudes.

The Islamic education system can be applied perfectly when Muslims live in prosperity under the auspices of the Khilafah which will implement Islam in every aspect of life. The Caliphate will save the young generation from destruction and return them to a generation of generations, generations of heroes and world leaders. God willing, getting closer.

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