Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Dangers of Cellphones We Know

Life without HP, some people judge that if it is in this day and age it seems that it's impossible anymore. The figure is no wonder that there are already more than 5 billion HP users worldwide. But sadly, recently the WHO or world health organization gave an ultimatum all of them, if using cellphones it can make people get brain cancer.

Widiww, really happy! Yups, the statement was obtained from the results of research conducted by 31 international experts. They say that people who use cell phones for more than 10 years will get a double chance of getting brain cancer, the type of Gleoma. Diseases that are the same as sadiz will also stick to people who are exposed to continuous vehicle smoke, which damages their lungs.

The danger in question, can be due to radiation from the cellphone. Still remember, why can't we use cellphones if we buy gasoline at the pom? from experiments that have been done, it turns out that with aluminum foil doused with gasoline, after that the HP is activated near it, then after a while, the aluminum foil will burn. In addition, experiments from several cell phones collected close to a bottle of water. After all the cellphones are turned on, the water will boil. Wow, how awesome is the effect of the radiation?

Now, to prevent the chance of brain cancer staying in our heads, follow a few simple tips under nie,

1. if you can, just use an additional tool when you use your cellphone again, for example using a headset, when you chat over the phone. But even though I have already used a headset, it turns out that radiation can still not be 100 percent, well, but atleast can reduce it a little. Then, if we use a headset, try to keep the cellphone away from your body. Or another alternative that you can also use is that you use the loudspeaker when using the cellphone.

2. If you can't use the two tools, another alternative you can do is listen more. For additional information, the cellphone that we use will generally emit radiation if we send text again or we talk again.

3. If you go to a place that is poor in signal, and usually the cellphone will break up. If that's the case, usually the HP will be more powerful the radiation beam, to find a signal, but also to consume energy from the battery. So, it must be very careful.

4. Sometimes there are those of you who are already very dear, and finally take care of your cellphone by using additional cashing for protection. But unfortunately, it will cause the signal to be trapped and the HP will emit stronger radiation to find a stable signal. So, therefore, it is better not to wear additional protection for Mobile phones.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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