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Several attempts to kill Bung Karno

As a great leader IR Sukarno yang merupakan salah satu proklamator kemerdekaan Indonesia dan yang merupakan Presiden pertama Indonesia memiliki banyak kisah yang menakutkan. Menjadi tahanan penjajah, Dibuang diberbagai tempat atau bahkan diasingkan.

After the mass of independence, Sukarno still faced several problems, one of which was an assassination attempt by his rival in the republic.

It's hard to make sure how many times the assassin's attempts to Presiden Soekarno. Putrinya, Megawati pernah menyebut angka 23. Namun bekas pengawal pribadinya, hanya mampu mengingat 7 kali upaya percobaan pembunuhan. Kapan dan dimana saja?

Several times we hear complaining Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) soal dirinya yang menjadi target percobaan pembunuhan. Tapi jika menengok jauh ke belakang, apa yang dialami oleh Presiden Soekarno mungkin 100x lipat lebih menggetarkan. Dalam kondisi bangsa yang masih labil, jiwa Soekarno banyak menjadi sasaran pembunuhan.

In fact it is not easy to determine the number of attempted killings that plagued Soekarno. His daughter, Megawati Soekarnoputri once mentioned number 23.
"I want to take a concrete example, President Soekarno experienced an attempted murder from a level whose name was planned to be executed (as much as) 23 times," Mega said in July 2009.

Meanwhile, a smaller number came out of the mouth of Sudarto Danusubroto. He was the president's aide in the last days of Soekarno's rule. Sudarto once said there were 7 attempts to kill Soekarno. This amount was once agreed by the former Deputy Commander of the Tjakrabirawa, Colonel Maulwi Saelan. Maybe this is the most reasonable number.

Here are 7 lists of attempted killings of President Soekarno that we tried to collect;

1. Cikini Grenade

November 30, 1957. President Soekarno came to Cikini School (Percik), where his schoolmates attended, in celebration of the 15th anniversary celebration of Percik. The grenade suddenly exploded in the middle of the presidential welcoming party. Nine people were killed, 100 wounded, including presidential guards. Soekarno himself and his sons were safe. Three people were arrested due to the incident. They are roaming from Bima who are accused of terrorist movement DI / TII.

2. Shooting of the Presidential Palace by Pilot Daniel Maukar

March 9, 1960. In the afternoon, the presidential palace was stifled by an explosion from a 23 mm canon shot by the Mig-17 aircraft piloted by Daniel Maukar. Maukar is an Air Force Lieutenant who has been affected by Permesta. The canon dropped by Maukar hit the pillar and one of them fell not far from Soekarno's desk.
Fortunately, Soekarno was not there. Soekarno was leading the meeting in the building next to the Presidential Palace. (Maukar himself denied he tried to kill Soekarno. The action was only a warning. Before shooting the Presidential Palace, he had already made sure he did not see the yellow flag raised at the Palace - the president's sign was in the Palace). This action made 'Tiger', call sign Maukar, had to be jailed for 8 years.

3. Rajamandala interception

April 1960. Soviet Prime Minister at the time, Nikita Kruschev made a state visit to Indonesia. He took time to visit Bandung, Yogya and Bali. President Soekarno accompanied him on a trip to West Java. When it arrived at the Rajamandala Bridge, it turned out that a group of DI / TII members were carrying out an ambush. Luckily, the presidential guard was swiftly passing the two world leaders.

4. Makassar Grenade

January 7, 1962. President Soekarno was in Makassar. That night, he will attend an event at the Mattoangin Sports Hall. At that time, when passing the Cendrawasih road, someone threw a grenade. The grenade missed, fell on another car. Soekarno survived. The perpetrators Serma Marcus Latuperissa and Ida Bagus Surya Tenaya were sentenced to death.

5. Eid al-Adha shooting

May 14, 1962. Bachrum was very happy when he managed to get a sitting position on the front safari in a row of Eid al-Adha prayers at Baiturahim Mosque. As soon as he saw Soekarno, he pulled out the gun hidden behind his jacket, the muzzle was then directed towards Soekarno's body. Click! What is his finger power In a split second when he realized, the direction went astray, and the bullet missed the body of Soekarno, grazing the Chairman of the DPR GR KH Zainul Arifin. Haji Bachrum was sentenced to death, but later he got clemency.

6. Shooting of Mortar Kahar Muzakar

1960s. President Soekarno during a working visit to Sulawesi. While on the way out of Mandai Field, a mortar shell was fired by Kahar Muzakkar's men. The direction of Bung Karno's vehicle, but it turned out to be far off. Soekarno once again, congratulations.

7. Cimanggis Grenade

December 1964. President Soekarno traveled from Bogor to Jakarta. The group formed a convoy of vehicles. In the slow pace of vehicles, Soekarno's eyes had a chance to chat with an unknown man on the side of the road. Soekarno's feelings were not comfortable. Sure enough, the man threw a grenade at the president's car. Luckily, the throwing distance was beyond the reach of the speeding car. Soekarno survived.

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