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Learning to Change from Kamen Rider

Learning to Change from Kamen Rider

"As a sunnatullah that has been valid since long ago, you will never find a change for that sunnatullah."(al-Fath: 23)

Kamen Rider
, Power Ranger, Ultraman and his friends we know better as children's films. And the ones who watched the most were children, even though not a few of those who were old were still happy to watch the films above, I was included. I want to watch movies like that rather than watching soap operas. If you pay attention again this spectacle is actually more suitable for teenagers, not children. Just look at the players, almost all of them are teenagers, the story is also full of intrigue, and many scenes of violence. Then a teenager who is said to be in a search period, who is still unstable, or often called ababil, ABG is unstable try to watch the films above, not even Korean drama, telenovela, especially soap operas. There are many lessons that we can take in order to develop the soul to be better and mature.

A Kamen Rider, for example, has taught us how important it is to change, even though he is not our teacher, we never attend to us, never explain the lesson in front of the class. It turns out that this is a lesson, we can get it anywhere, it can be on the road if we want to collect it, it can be discussed when we want to hear, it can be from what we see, stories, and behavior of others if we understand it. By changing, a Kamen Rider becomes more resilient, he will be stronger than before changing. It would be very difficult for him to defeat his enemies if he remained like himself without a change.

Yes, we need a change in life, we have to change because the era has changed, if we used 500 silver or paper money, we can get 2 fried bananas, now we can only get 1 of them, the size is different. In the past learning Pkn had enough to read only the chapter titles, now it had to read several hundred pages, for those who want it anyway. So that change is a necessity, of course a change in a better direction. It's up to you in the north, south, east, west, southwest, northeast, southeast, or in any direction as long as you face your face to God.

But it also needs to be remembered before forgetting, a Kamen Rider after he changes and gets great strength, he will also face tough enemies. Changes that occur require us to be ready to deal with new problems that will always be updated. We must also be prepared to sacrifice and assume responsibility for changes in ourselves. The greater the change we experience will be the greater the mandate we will receive, so the fighting power also needs to be increased.

In fact, changing is not as easy as saying 'HENSHIN' as Kotaro Minami said when he turned into the Black Steel Knight. It takes seriousness and determination to change, especially if you want to change. But that does not mean that the difficulties that we will encounter when we want to change ourselves to provide convenience, convenience will always accompany our efforts as long as we are still walking on the right track. Because difficulties and conveniences are created in pairs on the tracks of this world, so long as we can manage the path of the journey he will not collide and hit each other with each other. Therefore there is no other choice for us but istiqamah to change for the better even though it is difficult to get convenience.

Then what if we don't want to change? Know, right now even since your first cry, you are already on the tracks, where the carriage has difficulty crossing over it. So you won't be able to prevent him from speeding over him, because you are not a machinist, and even if you are a machinist, you still have no right to drive it. You have only been given the opportunity to invite the convenience car so that he also picks up pieces of life at stopping stations, with a change of course.

"So with that difficulty, there is convenience. Indeed with the difficulty there is convenience."(al-Insyirah: 5-6)

Well, then why does a Kamen Rider always wear a mask When changing, because because he is not confident with his face, it seems like it doesn't matter because the producers have already chosen it. Even if you don't get to a handsome degree, at least the standard is average. The good thing is, Husnudhzan, he uses a mask to avoid slander, because the more someone is famous and known to many people, to be praised here and there will be many who do not like and try to overthrow him.

By wearing a mask he can keep the identity of the surrounding environment secret, even though he cannot cover it from the audience. It might also be so that it doesn't work ', it's dangerous if it comes to riya' instead of the goodness to be gained but bad. Especially if it is affected by riya 'a Muslim, it is possible that unprofitable charity is replaced with sin.

Maybe this little boy is still too far away to become a Kamen Rider, but not to be a defender of truth. Which truth? Of course the truth that comes from God, Rabb of the universe as was done by Saladin al-Ayubbi, Muhammad Al-Fatih, Usamah bin Zaid, and other Islamic heroes. They were all still very young when they carved the golden ink in their struggle to defend the truth.

If a Kamen Rider is so passionate about defending the truth, even though he does not necessarily know the nature of truth, we must be more than that.

If a Kamen Rider just dares to fight his enemies alone why should we be afraid to elevate the sentence of tawhid while Allah is with us.

If a Kamen Rider strives to protect the weak only because it feels responsible for status as a defender of truth, it is not right that a Muslim is indifferent to the fate of his brother who is united in the bond of aqidah Islam.

If a Kamen Rider is on the verge of retaining peace, then it is no wonder that a Muslim strives with his soul until the victory comes or the martyr invites.

So in fact we do not need to turn into Kamen Rider first to defend the truth, our status as submissive, obedient, and obedient to God is the most appropriate reason why we have to fight. So is our reason to change, not for anyone to go to another, only for the sake of Allah alone who is not allies to Him.

"For mankind there are angels who always follow him take turns, in front and behind him, they guard him by the command of God. Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change the situation in themselves. And when Allah desires harm to a people, no one can reject it; and there is no protector for them besides Him."(ar-Ra'd: 11)

By: Riyan Jaya Syahriar, Bogor


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