Monday, June 25, 2012

Starting with an Appreciation

Sometimes, it is easy for us to see that something is very valuable, after it is lost from the top view it is no longer affordable with our hands. Something that we get, sometimes we see only as a burden or source of resentment and anger. And when that happens, we become the most regretful person and many complain about the difficulty of finding a calm and happiness.

So because that is Allah SWT, educate us the servants with a thing called "Respect".

When someone has been so smart, deciding to be a person who is easy to appreciate, it will not be difficult for him to be grateful. Yes, because the award means also grateful, which is to thank God for the blessings he has gotten. Do not forget, he will use and use all of it as well as possible and on the path that Allah blessed, and not just waste it. That is the real way of getting an award.

Appreciation also means caring for and looking after. Even in a household, mutual respect is still very necessary. Even the continuity of happiness in the household will not exist without mutual respect.

It would not be possible for a wife to abstain from her husband, even in any sort of hesitation, if in her heart it is a sense of desire to honor her husband. It is rewarding to maintain good, and to give in the best way we can for that. Even so with her husband, the sense of appreciation will prevent her from hurting her and or injuring her wife, even if it is just a word. This is exactly the same as exemplified by the noblest man, Prophet Muhammad SAW to his wives. And of his great gratitude and affection to his family, until when he had to reproach it, it was delivered in a polite way. This is a form of loving care and the tenderness of his attention and understanding of women.

Appreciation also means not being arrogant and looking more at yourself. When we learn to respect others and whatever comes or is around us, we will easily control the ego and the magnitude of our self-respect for others. Look at someone who rebukes politely. It will be clearly different from those who do it harshly, even if they do good and improve. This is because people who appreciate, must also think that who knows maybe someday that mistake will be his and not someone else's. And when that happens, then he also wants to receive treatment that is as good as he does now.

So it's true if people who appreciate it will easily feel happy. This is because other people, even inanimate objects around them will also easily give him peace.

And like a ball that bounces on the wall from the hardness or not of our throw, then the ball will finally come back about us again. People who appreciate will easily feel happy, this is because other people, even inanimate objects around them will also easily provide peace for him.

On the contrary, the person who is most sorry, is the person who least appreciates or learns to appreciate everything that comes to him even if only one second. And this is mostly the property of complaining people, because what they bring into themselves can only be limited to complaints, and insults on the situation that comes, and not a positive thought and hope.

So happy for the people who are saved from misfortune due to lack of appreciation. And these people are polite in anger, gracious in rebuke, build in criticism, and always think positive and remain grateful in the point of sadness of sadness and fall.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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