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Idol Idols that are increasingly rampant

I never imagined, what would happen when you saw a celebrity who used to be a member of the theater, eh suddenly present in front of you?
Like everything, usually many people will be impromptu, or at least a minimalist hysterical shout and ask for a photo together. Not infrequently too, which is initially on the diem, so join in with the excitement yourself and ask for an autograph.

We are also not surprised by the sight of a young man whose rooms are filled with various images of their idols. Do not stop there, lifestyle, how to behave, until the idol's small incident also inexhaustible imitated by them.
Indeed there is something done by teenagers who claim to be fans of the celebrities. To the extent that what they do sometimes does not make sense.

Do not believe? Just look at the sadistic act of a 20-year-old girl named Angelina Barnes. He had the heart to kill his own pet cat sadistically, only to be able to make up his face with the blood of his cat to resemble it Lady Gaga which he admired.

According to Kfor-TV, the big fan of the lady gaga drowned her pet cat into the bathtub, mutilated and used the cat's blood to smear her face and hands as makeup. It was done right before he saw the idol's concert.

The poor cat's heart he killed was found in this in the girl's makeup bag. And finally for his actions, Barnes from Oklahoma City will be charged with accusations of cruelty to animals by killing sadistically.

Another example is also no less severe, which is what happened to 12 Super Junior Fans (SuJu) who are usually called ELF at Twin Plaza Hotel, West Jakarta. They fainted while lining up for concert tickets from the South Korean boy band.

They were willing to faint like that because of fainting due to overheating and not eating. Even though the price of the ticket offered is not cheap too, from "Junior Sky Seat (free seating) for IDR 500 thousand" to "Super Box and Super Fest (free standing) for IDR 1.7 million"

What an Arsenal fan, Suleyman Alphonso Omondi, does is no less "strange". The Kenyan man hanged himself on the balcony of his house in an Arsenal team shirt, because the Arsenal team were beaten by Manchester United and eliminated from the Champions League.

According to the story of his friend, they watched the Arsenal VS MU match at the pub. When Arsenal lost, Suleyman went home grumbling and crying. After that he was found hanging on the balcony of his house. Astagfirullah, really sad right?

The appearance of the current idol phenomenon has indeed gone too far. And don't get me wrong, this is clearly not without purpose. Surely behind a big plan saved a big goal too. Then what is the purpose, why are you - you are treated to an idol spectacle that doesn't end every day?

What is certain and the only thing is to keep distracting all of you as the shoots of Islam, from the struggle to maintain and uphold Islamic values. And why should you be a teenager? because basically a teenager needs a figure who wants to be example.

Yups, with their idol style, you will imitate all styles and anything about them. And not infrequently they use the idol who is also Muslim, but his lifestyle is liberal, and all materialistic.

Do you realize Friend, the idol that was offered to you now, mostly just imaginary and fraudulent. Even though Islam has clearly had a real role model and their achievements and work are not playful.

Imam Shafi'i is a full name Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Idris As Syafi'i, when
9 years old, he memorized the whole Qur'anic verse smoothly, even though he had 16 times khatam Al Quran in his journey from Mecca to Medina.

At the age of 15, he had sat in the seat of the mufti of Mecca. Or Zaid bin tsabit who at the age of 11 years in a very short time he can write and memorize 17 letters of the Qur'an.

In addition, he was also believed to be the secretary to write and memorize the revelation of the Prophet's new acceptance, Zaid was also given the task of the Prophet to study the Hebrew and Suryani, the two languages ​​most often used by the enemy of Islam at that time.

Both of these languages ​​are dominated by Zaid in a very short, 32 days!

Also look at Ibn Sina who managed to memorize the Koran at the age of 7 years and understand metaphysics at the age of 8 years. And when he reached 18 years, Ibn Sina had succeeded in mastering all fields of science including wisdom, medicine, mathematics with various branches.

He also discovered the circulation of human blood and its anatomy, 600 years before William Harvey, and the inventor of the treatment of leeches which was popular in Europe in the 18th century. And his masterpiece in medicine was the creation of the Book of Al-Qanun.

This book contains a collection of ancient medical methods and methods of Islamic medicine. Because of its importance, the book has so far been translated into Latin, English, French and German. And amazingly, the book Al-Qanun even became a medical education curriculum at European universities.

And the only true role model, the only one, is Muhammad the Messenger. The noble man whose every name is called, angels, heavens and earth, bersolawat for him.

Friend, now is the time for the generation of Islam to free themselves from the charm of fake idols. The celebrities don't raise your life. They will not bring you all to the good in the world and the hereafter.

It is time for you to replicate the true example, scientists and Islamic knights, and our Commander, Rasulullah Muhammad SAW, solawat and greetings on it.

While your youth has not been overlooked, God willing, there is still an opportunity for you to improve yourself. It's time to become a Teenager of True Islam!

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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