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If Negative Beliefs Damage Family Peace

If Negative Beliefs Damage Family Peace

A friend who loves and loves his wife, suddenly gets dizzy around his wife.

She asked her husband to divorce her.
"In fact, I love him very much, all the needs have been fulfilled, the monthly money is fulfilled even more, at home there are 2 helpers (cook maid and laundry maid), all children's needs are met, every week they go to the supermarket and don't miss eating one restaurant every week, "said the complaint conveyed by my friend.

I took a deep breath while thinking and praying, "My God, what is this family lacking and may You give Your Strength so that I can unmask the problem that surrounds my best friend's family."

After a lengthy conduct of counseling sessions with my best friend's wife, I began to get a bright spot that the problem surrounding this family was not because of money problems, not because of the affair, not because of the child's problem, but the problem of thinking, negative thoughts (su'uzhan) which always haunts the mind of my best friend's wife.

The source of the problem turns out, my best friend's wife is always haunted by her husband's ex-lover who, according to him, will disturb his family's tranquility. Even though her husband had sworn that it was impossible to love his ex-lover, because he loved his wife very much.

Imagine, each wife heard the name of the same person as the name of her husband's ex-lover, whether from television, radio or other sources he would have given a negative reaction, such as slamming doors, slamming things. I even tore and slammed the book just because it contained the same writing as the name of his ex-lover's husband.

"Wow ...! Astaghfirullah ..." shouted in my heart.

Friends, come on who knows, what happened to my best friend's wife? In the wife's mind it turns out that there has been a traumatic "belief" that relates to her husband's ex-lover. This traumatic belief is what causes the wife to behave and behave like slamming doors, tearing books and others.

We know that belief or system or affiliate is the mind that is created by repeated affirmation of the subconscious mind so that it becomes a "definite" or "right" thought about something. Beliefs can have a positive or negative impact, depending on our agreement and what we justify.

Positive beliefs will support our performance to become more prestigious. While negative beliefs will be a barrier to our performance to achieve.
As experienced by my best friend's wife, she always thought that her ex-husband's lover named "Intan" (not his real name) would definitely be a nuisance to his family's tranquility. Such thoughts are repeated and acknowledged the truth.

The more thoughts repeat, the mind becomes stronger and feels like a "reality". So when the wife hears or sees the words "Intan", her mind automatically connects the "Intan" writing with the problem that will befall her family, so she shouts, throws a book or slams the door violently. This atmosphere will disturb the peace in the family and make his life uncomfortable.

To improve it, a very extraordinary effort is needed, especially the awareness of the wife that the beliefs that are in her mind are not true and she has a willingness to sincerely correct the wrong belief (in her mind). Repairing or treating is indeed much more difficult than preventing, right. Therefore, I give 3 tips so that our minds do not become residents of negative beliefs:

1. I always minimize negative thoughts and multiply positive thinking

Our words and behavior are a reflection of the contents of our minds. Getting used to saying and behaving positively will be our extraordinary "belief system" (belief). He will deliver us to be a strong and valuable person. Vice versa. The sentence "I can't" and replace it with "I have to maximize my potential" or kaliamat "This job is hard work" and replace it with "This job needs another way to solve it."

2. I did not follow a negative conversation, because he was my "cancer"

Familiarizing negative conversations (negative huddle) will actually suggest ourselves to enjoy talking negatively. Over time, this negative conversation will enter our subconscious mind into a "belief" (belief) that can disrupt the achievements of our lives. So, my friend, a psychologist, said that there was a negative conversation like our mental cancer. Without us knowing it, it will become our mental prostitute. If we get used to negative conversations, this mental cancer will ensure us: easy anxiety, accumulation of laziness, unproductive, scapegoat, unemployment,

The solution? Yes, just stay away from the negative conversation or choose to gather with people who like to talk positively. Try to feel, it must be peaceful!

3. I understand and run my life guide

What is our life guide? Once you know, take a moment to understand and run the life guide, so that we will not get caught up in the traps of life that keep us from "orbit" of peace and happiness.
So that we always behave and behave positively "SPP" (Positive Behavior), then learn, understand and run all of our life guidelines especially those related to: belief, hope, happiness, glory, toughness, brilliance. Friends, hopefully useful.

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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