Thursday, June 7, 2012

Israeli Brutality and World Passive Attitudes

Escalation of regime crime Zionists to prisoners Palestine in the past few weeks it has become increasingly alarming and triggering global public reactions. In Palestine alone, the Minister of affairs for Palestinian prisoners, Authority Ramallah said, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Zionist prisons would continue a hunger strike, because Tel Aviv violated an agreement with Palestine signed in May. A Palestinian prisoner Mahmud Sarsak, who is from Gaza, resumed his hunger strike on May 15.

In a press conference in Ramallah, West Bank, Sunday (3/6), Issa Qaraqaa said, Israel again violated the agreement signed with Palestinian prisoners. Within 10 days of the end of the strike, Tel Aviv actually extended administrative detention orders to around 30 prisoners.

More than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners held an open hunger strike on April 17 in protest at the administrative and cell isolation carried out by the Zionist regime, as well as a ban on family visits.

On May 14, the prisoners ended their strike after Israel agreed to an Egyptian proposal asking Israel to move Palestinian prisoners from solitary confinement to ordinary prisons. Under the Egyptian-mediated agreement, Tel Aviv also conditionally agreed not to extend administrative detention unless there was new evidence.

The continued crimes of the Zionist regime over Palestine, especially against Palestinian prisoners, are increasingly dangerous. More than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners are currently in Israeli jails in very sad conditions. Not only that, the Zionist regime also arrested Palestinians, some of whom were teenagers, which had the effect of increasing the number of prisoners in narrow and crowded prisons.

More than 200 Palestinian prisoners were martyred due to the brutal torture of them. Some of them suffer from physical and mental illness and permanent disability. The continued brutality of the Zionist regime against Palestinian prisoners is a blatant violation of human rights and international law.

Indeed, the passivity of the world public, especially international organizations such as the United Nations, make it Israel increasingly conglomerate in continuing humanitarian crimes against the nation Palestine.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

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