Friday, June 8, 2012

For You Online Generation

Most of the people in this world, may not be familiar if you hear the term "online". Yeah, activities involving this virtual world are really fun especially for you teenagers. As if there is no day without online, even this one activity is like we have to eat and or do other daily routine activities.

So it's no exaggeration if teenagers are now, it's definitely a part of "online generation"Indeed, there is nothing wrong with that one fun activity, but seeing the reality that is happening a lot now, it is very unfortunate that because they are too" diligent "online, activities that can be done, and their nature cannot be bargained to become chaotic not messed up.

Not infrequently, those who are hooked online, prefer to be alone, preferring to hang out with other people online, rather than meeting their peers in the real world of their own brothers. They are also easily agitated, but when it comes to leaving prayer 5 times, it feels really easy. And most online generations are in instant thinking, want to be easy and delusional. In addition, they are prone to contracting individual viruses, brushed with apathy, arrogant irritability and irritability, and become individuals who are narrow in mind.

It's time for you to straighten out your intentions online

There is no harm in doing online activities, as long as it is useful for your self improvement. But one thing that we have to remember is that online is just a tool, not a goal. YUps, a tool for improving yourself to be better in the future. You're legitimate online, but you have to remember that you have friends, have relatives, have relationships in the environment. You need to get along with other people, stay in touch, visit each other, greet each other. Or in another sense, you have to care for the environment around you.

Besides that, don't get online so we can easily waste time. If you are online for 4 hours a day, then you spend only 28 hours in a week to waste money, especially time. If the money problem is still searchable, if you are about your age, you will not be able to pull back. Remember, life is only once and your young time will be very fast, like the word of Allah subhanahu wata'ala in the Al quran letter Annazi'at verse 46: "On the day they see it, it feels as if it does not stay (in the world) but only a moment in the afternoon or in the morning."

If we don't make good use of our youth, we guarantee that in the future only regret will be obtained.

So, if you belong to the online generation, it's a good idea to check again, about the activities you've been doing.
And make sure that all you do online is in order to seek Allah's blessing, and not just waste time and money.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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