Saturday, June 30, 2012

Unstable teenagers

The charm of the world sometimes delights anyone who welcomes it with joy. But what is it like that, friend ?. yups, this world is just a person who knows his ultimate end to the world. And even this world will become more gripping and slipping their hearts, for anyone who is willing to worship and immerse themselves with it.

And every person must experience it, namely adolescence. Yes, this period is actually as heavy as the trials, and as beautiful - beautiful as anyone who knows it. Do not believe? Just try it! The more you sink with him, and pamper your mind with the reason "Ah I'm still a teenager, there is still a lot of time to have fun", then you enjoy the world in a way that is prohibited by Allah, then what is in the next is "harvest" for your actions unfortunately you are planting yourself with your hands.

And vice versa, when you really can control hot blood and your enthusiasm that is still overflowing, and when you can still take control of your unstable self, then the way of pleasure will actually be very siding with you. Just look at the evidence that happened around you. Oh God, how sorry for our friends whose intentions are happy, but ultimately it becomes a shame for life. Come to think of it, how selfish they really are to themselves. Because even they have tormented themselves to be part of a difficult. And, not only here, see later when they are old and when good fortune does not side with them, then with difficulty they will blame anyone even God, and whoever it is, as long as it is not itself. And do things like this add to their goodness? Absolutely, NO!

Friend, it's not enough there it turns out. The ugliness can even have the effect of a "snowball" that will stick to the name behind our name, for life ... for life. Our bad will also have consequences for people who love us, for example our parents. And, don't say that this is the smartest way for us to be able to repay their best services after so long caring for us !.

So, actually being a teenager is also about responsibility. And starting today, have we reminded ourselves that, we are not a "sick" generation that can only spend the breath in the world, for something that is in vain? Isn't everything in the world will be held accountable every second ?. You answer yourself who will know.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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