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Bung Karno Is Familiar With Exile Even Until His Death

Image-6883When still alive Soekarno once asked if he was called the khalik then his funeral must be very simple. As a former president, Bung Karno did not ask for a luxury tomb in the city or on a mountain.
In the book 'Bung Karno Muda', published by the Inter-City Library, Soekarno just wanted to be buried at the foot of the mountain in the cool Priangan area under a tree. But the request was apparently not granted by the New Order regime.

Worried Bung Karno will continue to be loved by the people of this country, Suharto chose Blitar, East Java as the Proclamator's final resting place. In Blitar, Bung Karno's tomb was adjacent to the tomb of his mother, Idayu Nyoman Rai.
The tomb of Bung Karno is small, about half of his mother's grave. On the gravestone there was no inscription 'Here Buried Bung Karno, the mouthpiece of the Indonesian people', as requested by Bung Karno. The tomb of Bung Karno was not given a fence and was not roofed. The New Order really dumped Bung Karno.

In the court of the two tombs, grasses of jasmine trees grow which are lush green and always flower. To enter the cemetery it needs special permission, not because there is a tomb of Bung Karno, but more because there is another tomb besides Bung Karno and his mother. Around Bung Karno, many PNI members were buried.
The location of the tomb on the edge of the road, on the front with an iron fence From outside the fence, people easily saw Bung Karno's tomb, because the paired umbrella was quite large. But the umbrella was more umbrella for his mother's grave. At the back there is a wall fence that separates the tomb of Bung Karno with his father's grave.

Although like being exiled, but the tomb Bung Karno never been lonely from the visit of the pilgrims. There are even pilgrims who come not only to see, but there are also those who take grave land, flowers that are sown by other pilgrims and some who tear cloth from umbrellas. They believe that they will get wisdom from what they have taken.

The more the grave day Bung Karno the pilgrims were more crowded. Not only from Blitar, there were also those who came from Japan, England, the United States came to the tomb of the Son of Dawn.

Over time the complex Bung Karno's grave has undergone some development, now around the area has flown using the Library and Museum which stores several archives and photographs and pictures of Sukarno. Pilgrims are getting crowded on June 21, the date of Bung Karno's death.

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