Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sophisticated, the New Testament Bible from New American Bible Will Be Revised

US bishops have announced plans to revise the New Testament from New American Bible into one version that can be used for individual prayer, catechesis and liturgy.

"The aim is to produce a single translation," Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, DC said on June 14.

He explained that the bishops' committee on matters of worship and doctrine both expressed a desire for a translation suitable for all pastoral applications, including individual prayer, study and use of services, along with liturgical proclamations.

The new translation will "give us one source of language when we talk about God's Word," he said.

The process of creating a new translation will take a long time and will consist of long steps, Cardinal Wuerl acknowledged.

The Gospel Translation of the New Testament was last revised in 1986. By comparison, the portion of the translation by revising the New American Bible Old Testament began in 1994 and was completed in 2001.

This work will use the same principle guided by the latest revisions of the Old Testament in the New American Bible, as well as the norms for translating the Scriptures, he added.

"The biblical scholars responsible for revising the gospel will do so very sensitively then submit it to pastoral, doctrinal, liturgical considerations" as they work to produce the concept, which will then be presented for preliminary review and approval by the subcommittee on the translation of the Scriptures .

In the end, the diocesan institution will be asked to approve the revised gospel text for liturgical use, so that it can then be submitted to Vatican Rome for "recognitio," after the president of the US bishops' conference can use it.

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