Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Envy of the Envy

Like a man, husbands always want beauty, beauty and beauty and the heart becomes part of his wife. This is because the wives are like the most beautiful savings their husbands have. So it is not surprising, however, that abundant material adorns the world of men, but the absence of a prayerful wife will easily disperse their peace and peace of life.

But what happened later was very unfortunate. Somehow most husbands have lost their jealousy towards their wives. They let the wife, whom they say they love to show the beauty that is owned in front of the public. Many also let their wives show their genitals when they left the house, and did not reprimand or forbid them to gather and joke freely with other men.

For some reason, in their hearts pride arises if their wives can appear attractive to other men, and or at least succeed in gaining sympathy and glances from other men. Wouldn't the man also enjoy the beauty of their wife? Even though a woman in the eyes of Islam is a very noble creature, so that her beauty and beauty is only for her husband, not for free sale for anyone.

Has it been up to them about the threat of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasalam, to a man who has no jealousy towards his (his wife). He said,
"Three groups of people whom Allah will not see them on the Day of Judgment, one who rebels against his parents, a woman who resembles men and ad-dayyuts." (HR An Nasa'i)

And what is meant by ad-dayyuts here is men who do not have jealousy towards their families.

Indeed, a husband should be an educator and protector of honor for their wives. And in a woman's weak and physical mind, the husband should be an alarm that can always remind their wives to always remember Allah and fear Allah.

And a husband who has jealousy towards his wife should also not let his wife shake hands with a man who is not a mahram. Like the words of the Prophet Muhammad, that,
"The head of a man with a needle from the iron is better than he touched a woman who was not lawful for him."

But Satan is always not going to stay silent. Even for the rules that have been said by the prophet Muhammad, Satan planted the mind of modernity and excessive concepts, and perhaps the feeling of not wanting to know in the minds of many husbands. However, can the husbands answer, who is more correct than the Prophet sallallaahu'alaihi wasalam?

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