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The Foundation of the Indonesian State Is Not a Pancasila

Dasar Negara Indonesia Bukanlah Pancasila
Ustadz Ahmad Sarwat in the consultation column, it was once asked about the statement Dr. Eggi Sudjana, SH. Msi., yang dalam kesempatan sebelumnya melakukan debat dengan Abdul Muqsith dari kelompok Islam Liberal dan Pluralisme Agama di salah satu stasiun televisi yang disiarkan secara nasional.

This debate was carried out in response to the clashes that occurred between the AKK-BB (National Alliance for Freedom of Religion and Belief) and the FPI at the National Monument due to opposition in facing the case of the Ahmadiyah heretical sect in Indonesia.

In responding to this, Ustadz Ahmad Sarwat stated the following:

It is also quite surprising what Dr. Eggi Sudjana, SH. Msi., In a talk show on private TV that night. He said that if observed, it turns out that this Indonesian state is not legally based on Pancasila. On the contrary, in the 1945 Constitution, it is emphasized that the foundation of our country is the Almighty God.

And according to the Preambule or the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution, God meant nothing but Allahubanahu wa Ta'ala. Sehingga secara hukum jelas sekali bahwa dasar negara kita ini adalah Islam atau hukum Allah Subanahu wa Ta'ala..
The statement emerged when arguing with Abdul Muqsith who represented the AKK-BB circles. At that time Abdul Muqsith stated that Indonesia was not an Islamic state, not based on the Qur'an and hadith, but based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

It may be that Abdul Muqsith asserted that the Ahmadiyya could have done activities contrary to the teachings of Islam, our country is not an Islamic state, not based on Quran and Sunnah.
But suddenly Mas Eggi asked about who said that the foundation of our country was Pancasila? Which legal basis do we say that?
Abdul Muqsith was quite shocked to be attacked like that. Apparently he was not ready when asked to state the basis of the statement that our country was based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

At that time, Mas Eggi immediately mentioned that the 1945 Constitution actually states that the basis of our country is the Almighty God, not Pancasila. As stated in the 1945 Constitution article 29 paragraph 1.
Come to think of it, there is also truth about what Eggi Sujana said. Yes, yes, which is the official text that states that the basis of our country is Pancasila. We who are laymen are a little surprised to hear that cry.

I don't know if there are other legal experts who can answer it. What is clear, the Abdul Muasith can only remain silent, without being able to answer what was confirmed by Eggi Sujana.
And it seems that we don't or have not found an official text that states that the basis of our country is Pancasila.

The discussion became interesting, because we had just realized that the basis of our state according to the 1945 Constitution was not Pancasila as we have often memorized so far since elementary school. Article 29 of the 1945 Constitution aya 1 does say this:

"1. The State is based on the Supreme Godhead."
Then who is the God referred to in this article, the answer according to Eggi is Allahubanahu wa Ta'ala.. Karena di pembukaan UUD 45 memang telah disebutkan secara tegas tentang kemerdekaan Indonesia yang merupakan berkat rahmat Allah Subanahu wa Ta'ala..

In the argument, Mas Eggi, whose name is the torso with the opening cannot be separated or opposite. If in the trunk that is article 29 paragraph 1 stated that the state is based on the One God Almighty, then God is not just One God, nor does it mean God is all religion. But God is a Muslim, that is Allah Subanahu wa Ta'ala..

That was because expressly the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution mentioned lafadz Allah Subanahu wa Ta'ala.. Dan hal itu tidak boleh ditafsirkan menjadi segala macam tuhan, bukan asal tuhan dan bukan tuhan-tuhan buat agama lain. Tuhan Yang Maha Esa di pasal 29 ayat 1 itu harus dipahami sebagai Allah Subanahu wa Ta'ala., bukan Yesus, bukan Bunda Maria, bukan Sidharta Gautama, bukan dewa atau pun tuhan-tuhan yang lain.

Regardless of whether there will be a constitutional law expert who can dismiss Eggi Sujana's view, which is certain Abdul Muqsith cannot answer it. And the view that our country is not an Islamic state and not based on the Quran and Sunnah, we must honestly admit that it must be corrected again.
Because if we look at the spirit background and also the history of the formation of the 1945 Constitution by the founders of this country, the nuances of Islam are very strong. There is even a long enough option to make this Indonesian state a formal Islamic state.

Even initially, the first precept of Pancasila still had 7 additional words, namely:

"by running Islamic law for its adherents ".

But through real deception and lies, and of course a long debate, 7 words must be abolished. Just paying attention to the interests of Christians who feel objection and play threatening to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia.

Even though the 7 words did not disturb the interests of religion and worship
they. After all, Indonesia is indeed a Muslim majority, but how funny it is, when the majority want to set the law in their own environment through Pancasila, how come the people outside of the Islamic religion use any protest program. Whereas what is their business with those 7 words.
Come to think of it, how unethical the Christians were when we first established the state, where they had interfered with other religious affairs, the majority of which were also. Until they dare to be determined to separate themselves while lying that eastern Indonesia will soon break away if the 7 words are not deleted.

Finally, with Legowo the ulamas and the founders of this country erased these 7 words, for the sake of unity and unity. But what is wrong, milk is replenished by tuba. Instead of sitting in harmony and getting along well, Christians who are supported by the secularists never stop wanting to get rid of Islam from this country.
And the spirit of Islamic dismissal from the state has become increasingly so with the sole foundation of Soeharto's sole foundation. All ormas especially orsospol must be based on Pancasila.

Something in the 1945 Constitution has never been mentioned. In fact what is called precisely this country is based on the Godhead of the Almighty. And the God in question is Godubanahu wa Ta'ala.  sesuai dengan yang tercantum di dalam Pembukaan UUD 45.
So it is appropriate for secularists to be busy reopening the literature to search for arguments that could make Islam far from this country.

The name is a struggle, surely they will continue to seek and look for arguments that could be used as material to be used as an alibi that alienates Islam from the country. Because they are allergic to Islam. It is as if Islam must be antagonized, or is a latent danger that must be watched.
We must admit that there are quite a lot of anti-Islam secularists. In their heads, it might be better for this country to become a communist than to become an Islamic state. Astaghfirullahaladzhim.


Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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