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Demo FEATURES: Tax Games Happened in All Areas. "Corrupt You Before The Corruption Bans You"!

JAKARTA, -It is common knowledge that the name of the Tax and Customs apparatus in all parts of Indonesia has a wealth of life. In an area there are taxation staff who only have high school graduates whose wealth is beyond common sense, house more than one seed, buy land, paddy fields here and there, go on a family hajj and all in-laws are invited. People who don't finish elementary school also know that something isn'tfairin the taxation sector. And thank God they too (the tax players) are safe, enjoy, and honoredhis life was not sniffed by law enforcement. So it is not surprising now that the department of taxation and accounting is the prima donna of high school graduates because they are obsessed with later life, wealthy, making money is easy to live alone, and tax corruption is safe here and there as has happened to the seniors beforehand. Ennaakk really lives in this country of Indonesia. It's no exaggeration if someone says; 'Indonesia is a paradise for corruptors'.Thank you to God, corruptors, that you can live safely and well in Indonesia.

After Gayus Tambunan, Dhana Widyatmika, now there is Tomy Hindratno, a tax employee who has a legal case. The Commission XI of the House of Representatives suspects that the game of tax officials occurs in all tax offices in Indonesia.
"So far, we have always focused on corruption in the budget expenditure sector, we are not overseeing corruption in the budget revenue sector. Tax is a revenue sector by contributing 80 percent of the state revenue budget," said member of Commission XI DPR, Achsanul Qosasi, Saturday (9/6) / 2012).

According to Achsanul, the Directorate General of Taxes should make an effort to clean up. The potential for games in taxation that is quite large clearly has the potential to save large amounts of state finance.
"Amid the rush of customs to improve, the taxation sector is still lagging behind in reforming its apparatus. Remuneration seems to have no effect on friends in taxation. Cases that often hit the tax apparatus have exacerbated the image of the Directorate General of Taxes. our taxes are still very large, "Achsanul said.
The Deputy Secretary of the DPR's FPD suspects that games like this are done in all regions. It could be that the tax game has become a culture in the taxation sector.
"This game of tax people is believed to occur in all regions, and it is unfortunate that the violations were carried out by young taxation staff who were the hopes of the country. Or perhaps they imitated the behavior of their seniors," he expected.
The House of Representatives Commission XI is waiting for concrete clean-up steps in the taxation sector. So that public money handed over to the state in the form of taxes does not continue to be misused.
"Commission XI is waiting for corrective steps for the Director General, if this continues, Commission XI will take steps in activating the monitoring function program in tax revenue," he said.

As quoted from the LHKPN data, the wealth report reported by Tomy Hindratno to the KPK, on ​​June 25, 2011, it was recorded that he had immovable property worth IDR 513,865,000, in the form of land and buildings in Surabaya, East Java.
In addition, echelon IV officials of the Directorate General of Taxes have movable assets in the form of Isuzu Panther four-wheeled motorized vehicles valued at Rp 140 million. Tomy also has other movable assets in the form of art and antiques worth Rp. 20.8 million. Cash Equivalent Current Account IDR 10 million.

The total assets of STAN graduates in 1996 amounted to Rp. 684,906,989. However, after being reduced by debt in the form of money and credit cards worth Rp. 38,833,790, after total total assets of Tommy Hindratno amounted to Rp. 646, 073,199.
Tommy allegedly received a bribe from James Gunardjo regarding tax management at PT Bhakti Investama Tbk. The KPK secured money in a brown envelope worth Rp. 280 million.

There are relevant jargon for our Indonesia: "Claim you before the Corruption prohibits you".

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