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Rows of Air Force Aircraft Accident Lists

Image-6893The Fokker 27 aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force crashed on Branjang Road in the Rajawali Complex, Halim Perdanakusuma, East Jakarta, Thursday (6/21). This accident was not the first time that the aircraft belonged to the Indonesian Air Force.

In early October 1991, the history of aircraft accidents belonging to the Indonesian Air Force became a forgotten dark history. At that time a Hercules aircraft of the TNI AU C-130 crashed in Condet, East Jakarta, and killed around 135 people.

Here are some data plane crash belonging to the Indonesian Air Force in the last 12 years obtained from various sources.

- March 28, 2000, the Indonesian Air Force's Jet Hawk Mk-53 plane crashes at Iswahyudi Airport, Madiun.
- July 2000, the Skyhawk A-4 plane crashed during a routine patrol in South Sulawesi.
- November 21, 2000, Air Force Hawk Aircraft training aircraft crashed in Pontianak.
- January 8, 2001, Cassa N-212 Aircraft Navy U-614 Timika crashes into the Jayawijaya Mountains.
- November 16, 2001, the Hawk 200 plane suffered a disturbance during take off.
- December 20, 2001, C-130 A1329 Hercules Plane Squadron 31 slips and burns at Polonia Airport.
- March 28, 2002, Two aircraft trainees Hawk Mk-53 (TT 5310 and TT 5311) crash while doing aerobic exercise.
- August 27, 2002, Bell-47G Soloy Air Force helicopter trainer crashed in Pabuaran, Subang, West Java.
- February 10, 2003, the Air Force A-4 Skyhawk plane slips at Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar.
- 22 April 2003, Helicopter BO-105 HS-7058 TNI AD fell in Merbau Village, North Aceh.
- October 30, 2003, Sikorsky S-58T H-3408 helicopter crashed in a peanut garden around Lanud Atang Sanjaya, Bogor.
- July 6, 2004, TNI AU AS-202B training aircraft crashed in the fields of Serut village, Sukomoro district, Nganjuk district.
- 12 October 2004, the Bell 205 helicopter of the Indonesian Army falls in the village of Balng Rakal, Aceh.
- December 1, 2004, the Air Force F-16 aircraft slipped at Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar.
- December 22, 2004, Navy Helicopter Bell 416 crashes in Nabire.
- December 23, 2004, Super Puma NAS-332 helicopter with 3201 hull number fell in the village of Suren Gede, Wonosobo, Central Java.
- July 21, 2005, the CN-235 aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force crashed while landing at Malikussaleh Airport, Lokseumawe.
- July 21, 2005, TNI AU OV-10 Bronco aircraft crashed in the Cincing forest, Malang, East Java.
- October 12, 2005, S-58T Helicopter H-3451 of the Indonesian Air Force crashed during training at Lanud Sentani, Papua.
- 19 July 2006, the Cassa NC-212-200 Aircraft of the Indonesian Army crashed in the pond of Cilendek, Semarang.
- November 21, 2006, the Air Force Hawk 209 TT-0207 crashed at Pekanbaru's Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport.
- July 23, 2007, OV-10F Aircraft Bronco falls and burns.
- 30 October 2007, the Air Force Hawk 209 TT 0203 crashed at Sultan Syarief Kasim Airport, Pekanbaru.
- December 30, 2007, P-833 Nomad reconnaissance aircraft of the Indonesian Navy crashed in Sabang, Aceh.
- January 7, 2008, the S-58T helicopter crashed in the village of Ogom, Riau.
- 28 June 2008, Cassa 212 military aircraft carrying 18 people, including 12 military personnel and 6 civilians, namely 3 foreigners from India, Britain and Singapore fell on Mount Salak.
- March 7, 2009, Hughes C-300 HL-4098 pilot helicopter falls in Tugu village pond, Semarang.
- 09 March 2009, Fokker F-27 aircraft The Air Force falls at Hussein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung.
- 20 May 2009, a C-130 A-1325 Hercules aircraft manned 14 and carrying 98 passengers fell in Keplak village, Madiun Regency.
- June 24, 2010 KT Wong Bee KT-1B training aircraft crashed when they landed at Ngurahrai Bali Airport.
- April 28, 2011, a training aircraft not equipped with the G-611 Glider type, crashed in a sugar cane garden, Sendang Tirto Village, Berbah District, Sleman. Two members of the Air Force, namely Sgt. 1 TNI instructor Ninang Siwiyono from Sleman and Karbol AAU Sergeant Karib Habibun Rahman from Madura, were killed in the accident.
- January 6, 2012, Air Force trainer plane crashed in Jetis Hamlet, Kedungsari Village, Bandongan Subdistrict, Magelang.

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